Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We are at Lia (Kushner-Nord) and Lui's home. Diana (Nana) is here staying too.
Our drive here was okay although we had trouble finding a decent place to eat, most unlike Germany. However, when we arrived at the Ibis in Heidelberg we were met by a rather sour receptionist who at first denied having a reservation for us and said we should have told them we needed a handicapped room(we can't get Daniel or our stuff in a normal one). I told her we had booked one and she inisted we hand't. THEN she said we could have the handiapped room but the toilet overflowed! So in other words they knew what we had booked and didn't care to be honest.

We always use Accor hotels and this trip they have let us down twice. At the Ibis in Heidelberg and the Mecure n Slazburg. The Mecure becue it was not in the centre but 2.5 miles from it and also the room was not big enough and not a handicapped room except for the addition of bars in the loo!

We have now booked into a very nice tradtional German hotel in Leimen, just 2.5 miles away. Now we know where to stay next time we visit here. We could stay at Lia and Lui's homes but I get get up two or three times in the night etc

We just ate a really good meal of pork tender loin and salad and spaghetti squash (pumpkin) and the others also had wine, though notNana or me.

Don't know what we shall do tomorrow yet.

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