Tuesday, March 03, 2009



I was looking on Etsy and came across a very pretty hand spun and hand dyed yarn. It was 156g and 700 yds. The asking price was $90!!!! I wrote and asked if that was an error. The reply I got told me that no, it wasn't an error. Someone's having a laugh, are they not? Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if someone with more money than sense bought it.


I happened across a blog message form a person calling themselves Kniterella who encouraged the blog owner to abuse her child. They said that their father beat them with a belt and it didn't harm them and they do not believe hitting and beating children is abuse. Of course, as long as they believe this, or kid themselves that they do, they never have to face the fact that their father abused them and the pain that causes. I was still astonished that in 2009 a person would write this and not see the evil inherent in it.


I did a lunch time a swim today. Just half my usual, as yesterday. It was painful. I won't do the lunchtime session again though. Full of wankers.


Dudley went to his new home yesterday. Over 200 miles away. The lady who bought him cried as she took him away because she thought his mum would miss him. She won't, she couldn't care less. Shameless is an excellent mum but at 4 week sof age she tells em to *** off, enough. Thank you very much. Anyway, I think Dudley is going to be spoiled rotten. A very nice person.

As things stand I am still going to attend Cruft's. I will make my final decision on Thursday.

I have been training the three left to walk on their own in the busy town centre. Meaning I take each one on their own, on the lead. Just a short distance. People stop and ooh and aah at them. Mostly men, you may be surprised to learn. One of them, a big over 6ft foot bloke, was talking to her about how pretty she was and giving him kisses. Juts silly talk. It was a pleasure to witness. another man, who one would not want to meet in a dark alley, stopped and did the same. What a pretty fluffy thing he said. One just can never tell. This is of course all very good for the puppies socialization an is why I take them into town.


I have finished EDGAR and am just waiting for it to dry. another knit/purl patterned sweater done with the GC on the Brother 940. I have another on the go. I have almost finished the Blue Faced Leicester / Nylon socks and am well into the first sock of the merino/bamboo pair.


I am generally feeling better now that I am taking better care of myself. Not so knackered. Am having to take more pain meds but still feel better than I was feeling. I guess exhausting myself really does make it ten times worse. I was beginning to seriously think here was something else wrong with me. My blood work is back and it shows I am okay. Elizabeth is concerned about my cholesterol but it is HDL 1.5 (56) and LDL 3.2 (119) with triglycerides at .6. I would have thought these were good figures. As it is I take 15mg Crestor a day and I don't really want to take more.

I was rather angry with the medium we saw work on Sunday. They were crap and arrogant enough not to know it. It wasn't that they were not connecting, they were, but were being very lazy and joining the dots and missing important things. A recently widowed woman was their, my friend, and he spoke to her and left her hanging because he messed her message up. This work is so important, far too important for people to use it as an ego trip and cause people pain like this.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever spun yarn or dyed any yarn? do you know what is involved with making beautiful yarn from fiber? The price may be steep to you but you get what you pay for.

Yarnhog said...

There's nothing quite like a puppy (or a baby) to bring out the most appealing side of people.

Nan said...

I'm with you, the price of that yarn is a bit over the top. I spin and would think the maximum for 700 yards of sock weight would be around $60.00 (American). And none of my friends who sell their hand spun charge anything like that price.

I recently paid about $30.00 for 400 yards of cashmere which was on sale at a huge discount.

As for the poster who thought "beating" children is okay, what can one say to such folks? If I were being charitable, I would think that they had to lie to themselves about their own abuse in order to deal with it. But I can't help believing that if one had been abused to any extent in childhood, one would make sure to never do that to anyone else. I have to shake my head in disbelief when they take the same damaging position.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

I DO spin yarn. I DO dye yarn. I even wash the fleeces and card the fiber. In my opinion, unless is IS pure gold, no sock yarn put up in the amounts sock yarn is put up is worth $90.

CP Warner said...

As usual, the ones who criticize the most vehemently decline to identify themselves.

I hand paint my own sock yarns, and though I have not spun any sock yarn to dye and sell, I feel funny about charging $20.00 for one skein of 440 yds.

Actually, it's not quite true that i haven't spun any. Colin, you have some of my hand-plied, hand-dyed wool/camel blend. I don't charge a lot for that stuff, nice as it is, because I consider it an experimental yarn. The last batch I plied was kind of over-zealously done, so it maybe has a bit too much "sproing," and if it doesn't lose some of that in the washing up, it will be sold at an "experimental" price as well.

It has always amazed me that I do so badly at NH Sheep & Wool. Part of it is the lousy location, but...I do offer bargain prices compared to many of the other vendors, and they sell out to the bare walls, while last year I barely cleared $300 for the whole weekend. It does leave me scratching my head. Maybe if I tripled my prices I would sell more? People who come to these events do seem to like inflated prices. Guess they just don't have my French-Canuck sense of parsimony. ;-)

But I wondered at a person daring to charge $90 per skein, even if it is a generous skein, and unique. Maybe it IS gold at that! Out of my budget, too, especially now that I am unemployed.

Yes, happy birthday to me, last Monday I was laid off. Someday they may e-mail me to come back in when they have something for me to build again, but...

Well, at least I have free time now, to edit my latest manuscript and get my little business rolling in earnest.

BTW, I came from a family of "hitters"/emotional abusers. I probably fail at not being like them sometimes, but I try very hard not to fall into the trap. In my worst moments, I tend to turn it back on myself. Always at work, though, to watch my temper and try to build my self-esteem.

Latest evidence of good self-esteem? I have lost 36 lbs since Thanksgiving, and am starting to believe I'm worth taking care of. I have a long way to go yet -- another 64 lbs -- but feel like there's hope for me now.

fairy godmother said...

If I came across you walking a pup you might find someone following you home...I think that one would be fortunate to have one of your pups, well bred, socialized!

steel breeze said...

Good luck at the dog show! If it was a bit closer and I didn't think you'd be up to your eyes in dog stuff all day, I'd invite you for a pub lunch! :)

Nicole said...

Lordy be....does the yarn sing and dance for you once it's been knit? For that price it should - the socks should walk themselves, LOL.