Sunday, March 22, 2009


Found a PC to use. (German keyboards are not the same as our Qwerty oneshence it isn`t so easy to type especially when the spell chaeck want sto correct in German!) I am in Mecure Airport Hotel in Stuttgart , Germany. Today has been cold and snow is forecast for the next few days here and where we are headed. Yesterday was sunny and warm.

Last night in Luxembourg we could only find two restaurants that were wheechair accesible!!!! The first one we went in had curtains in a semi circle over doorway but a slope in so we wne tin only for me to almost hit a large post that was hidden by the curtain. Then Daniel jammed as the place was not accessible at all, too crowded. People were not interested in either helping or getting out of the way. In fact, those coming in were pushing past me. So I got flustered, and embarrassed andthe more I did the more I could not control Daniel. So John gave me my sticks, I got up and out whilst he manhandled Daniel out. Urgh!

The next restaurant was totally different. We were greeted at the door by a really nice waiter, about 30 I guess. Camp as tits and funny, cute and quite disarming. He took charge, moved a table and without needing to be told, he allowed me to manouver into palce with my back toward the wall so I could see all in front of me. I HATE having my back facing anywhere. Service continued to be excellent.

Unfortunately, the food, although very tasty, was poncy Neuvelle Cuisine. In other words it looked pretty, presented artfully but would not have satisfied one of my dogs. I HATE that!

Tonight I think we are going out to the SI Centre where there many restaurants. This Centre is Stuttgarts IN PLACE it would seem.

Today has been very pleasant. We drove half the distance on back roads thru lots of beautiful villages etc. Trouble is being Sunday nothing was open so we had to get back on the Aurtobahn in order to find a place to eat at a service station.

I can feel my innards getting motivated. I hope so as thay have not moved since Tuesday. Side effct of the Morphine I fear, despite only taking one dose per day. Yes, I am keeping myself well medicated with painkillers, thank you but not with Ms Morhpia. She is being kept back for special ocassions.

Dawn, my common as muck friend who I love dearly , made me laugh yet again. She noted that I cannot use my right arm much and I told her that Elizabeth had diagnosed that as something I cannot racall. Dawn said `f***ed shoulder?` I guess that will do!

Oh and the presription person f**ed up! She only gave me one third of my heart meds. As didn`t know this until Friday night, it was either come on the holiday without or stay at home. I have juggeld so that some days I can have a full dose and others only a third. If I stop Twittering you`ll know this didn`t work out too well.......


FuguesStateKnits said...

Oh dear! Now I'm REALLy going to be watching those twitters!!!
And just a quick question from one of us Murricans....
What in )(*& b does "camps as tits" mean???

Anonymous said...

So I guess this means you'd best find a way to blog every day or we shall all be beside ourselves with worry!

anachronist said...

DId you know there is a chance to have a go at an international pharmacy and have them look up if they have the med on hand?

I have to go to a doc in the next few days anyway, so maybe I can arrange sometthing for you.

please email me about the name of the med and how it is dosed, and we see what I can do, we still meet on fools day, dont we?

Susan said...

I've been reading the Twitter love keeping up with your trip. Salzburg is beautiful I was there in 2000. Take care,

CP Warner said...

"Camp as tits" -- tee-hee. I instantly thought of Stephen Fry as Lord Melchitt in Black Adder -- the Elizabethan episode where they are having a very drunken beer fest -- and Melchitt not only shows up wearing "comedy breasts," they are GOLD and much larger than the sets the other men are wearing. Interesting expression, ranks right up there with the US midwesternism, "useless as tits on a bull." Not that the meanings are at all similar, mind, but both phrases are damned funny. ;-)

Sorry to hear abut the troubles with that first restaurant. Try not to fret too much, though. You and Daniel are going to be working together like a fine symphony orchestra by the time this adventure is over. And for some reason, my brain has switched over to Dr. Seuss mode, and I keep thinking, "Oh, the places you'll go!"

I hope your friend (nana, in the comments) can help you sort out the international pharmacy business, so you don't have to worry about those heart meds. We'll all be watching for your twitters and whatever blog posts you can manage to make on the road.

You and John are hereby ordered to have the best time ever, and humbly petitioned to take LOTS of pics so we, your loyal stalkers, can have a glimpse of all the fantastic places you've been!

BTW, that new pullover...gorgeous! Again!

My Andersson Original will be going to Stonington, Maine again, in April, and will look a lot nicer on me now that I'm down 40 lbs. If I am feeling photogenic, I will have Keith take a pic so you can see.