Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I had a rather restless night which is not surprising. I am just waiting for John to finish upstairs and then we shall have breakfast. I feel like eating this morning as I didn't last night.

I am going to look into getting on the boat along the Danube today as the weatehr is cel;ar and sunny and snow is forcast for the next 3 days after today.

Fromt the little we have seen so far, this is beautiful. No where near as 'foreign' as I thought it might be. In fact juts liek everywhere else excepot fopr language. The city has the same shops, Burger Kning, McDonalds etc. It is VERY cheap here! I am really surprised at how so. I just HAVE to go and find a yarn shop! After all, cheap yarn is cheap yarn and the fact that I have 300 years worth of knitting already is neither here nor there.

I am wearing 40 denier tights (why btw do they have a drip tray in when one is supposed to wear them over undies?), my ski compression tights, socks and jeans. My top has 4 layers. The top doesn't egt cold but my legs do and they brun with it.Hopefully I have enough on. I have come to know that my legs burn with cold whether walking or in Daniel.

Anwya, I am off to eat now and enjoy our first full day here. (oh and there are police everywhere which made us feel safe last night when we had to go into an dunderground complex to eat. At a Burger King cos I couldn't egt in anywahere else we saw. They now do ckicken salad so that was good. It must be 15 years since I last ate at a BK.


Anonymous said...

300 years is not nearly enough yarn for a person. Let us know what you find so we can drool over the thoughts of it. Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Drat on the burgling! I had that happen to me once, and the feeling of vulnerability was the worst. Get an alarm system. At the very least, it will scare them off!

I do hope you can enjoy the rest of the trip.

And, I can't believe you haven't eaten at BK in so long!