Monday, March 23, 2009


We arrived in Salzburg safely. No snow storm, just very windy. The dinner we had was really good. John had Wiener Schnitzel and I had fish and spinach with salad. Yummy.

We stopped in Augsberg on the way here and we were not impressed so that can be crossed off our places to visit list.

I have been trying to be far less impatient and snappy. Not anywhere near as little as I would like but improved. Poor John has to put up with enough without me snapping.

Today has been excellent with regard to pain. I hace discovered though that I am showing signs of being very tired-confusion, forgetfulness, bad temper, even though I am not yawning or aware I am tried. I had thought I had ballsed up the arrangements for this trip. I drove 400 miles the first day, 200 the second and 230 today. I thought yesterday and today should have been rolled into one trip but now I realise that I needed these two days to be less taxing. Tomorrow we drive to Budapest which is 330 miles. We might stop off in either Vienna or Bratislava on the way. Then we have no driving until Sunday when we return here to Salzburg with two nights here to see some of the city.

So far I have not felt homesick or worried about the dogs. I am sleeping well too. I am still amazed that the grief I expunged at the end of 07 should have this effect! Prior to this trips away were very stressful because I did not sleep much and also did not poo. Now I sleep really well, better than at home and longer (tho I still have the pain problem at night) and also poo. How about that? I don`t understand why this has been one of the effects of that epiphany but I am glad. It makes the trips far less taxing and much more enjoyable. To get out of bed when one feels like it is really goood! This morning I wa sready to get up aat 7am and I lay there asking myself why I should. As I couldn`t think of a good reason i went back to sleep until 9am.

Earlier, John thought he ought to get me to a doctor or at the very least take my temperature. I had been into a yarn shop and all I did wa shave a look and feel and left empty handed. I very nearly bought a book of Trachten knitting but in the end decided it was expensive for just some pictures! Besides, I know how to knit them and really must get on with doing so.The garter stitch cardigans I like so much can very easily be done with my garter carriage.

John spoils me. He said to me that I might be lucky and find another leather jacket like the one I wear all the time. It`s Trachten. Short. just to waist, and has coins and buckles etc. Really nice and always invites comments. It`s my favoutie casual wear. Here in Salzburg I am sure I can find plenty of these traditonal clothes.

Well, That`s it from me in Salzburg. Will write again soon. Keep well.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip you're having. I hope tonight's dinner makes up for the miniscule one from efore.

joannamauselina said...

I'm glad your trip is going so well. Salzburg is very beautiful, I understand. I too like Tracht clothing, but I only have one thing which is too big. Maybe I will grow into it. I hope not.

fairy godmother said...

Very excited to hear about your trip! It's nice that John spoils you :-)

FuguesStateKnits said...

Salzburg! Wunderbar! How lovely. I am DROOLING with envy:) Not really - just happy for you:)
Take good care of yourself and ENJOY!!!! This is a VACATION!!!

anachronist said...

Sounds great to have been fondling yarn but not having the urge to get something to take home with.

I was at the eye clinic today from 8am to 2 pm and felt like needing a yarn fix. Even though I swore to never work with fun fur type yarn again, I got some orange/brownish one to knit myself an orang utan (my protector to go wild for me when things don't go as I want them).

Like the librarian on Discworld.
Have fun on your further travels.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you're having such a wonderful time.
I was wondering yesterday just how long it would take you to find some clothes!
It's great re the pain, sleeping and grub!
....and John is a saint!!
Lots of love
Marilyn xx