Monday, March 02, 2009


I know some people have panicked and offered their puppies at vastly reduced prices. I didn't and I have sold all of those I wanted to sell. Dudley went today. That is 4 puppies in 2 weeks.

I believe I will always sell my puppies, recession or not. Puppies are not commodities. They are living breathing beings and a such I don't treat them like they are commodities and I don't devalue them because I want to be shot of them.

By reducing the price, you devalue your own reputation, the puppy and the type of people you get enquiring after them. Some have been marked down to the same or below as cross breeds and back yard breeders. This doesn't do anyone any good.

I believe that those people who want to share their life with a dog for the joy of it will always be around and they will always pay the going rate. They understand that a well bred, well raised puppy costs money and that the opposite are available much more cheaply. When a breeder of quality puppies drops their price in panic it devalues them and the puppy. Perhaps deservedly so because it seems that the breeder cannot be bothered to hang on to the puppies past the 8 week mark.

I know that with my own puppies, they stay until the right home comes along. I just carry on treating them as if they were staying. They get their weekly bath, they are lead and house trained. They re socialised. They are vaccinated. Then when the right home does come along, they are fit to go to it. They are not an unruly untrained 3-6 mth old that will end up in a shelter.

The day I can't keep any puppy I breed beyond the 8 week mark is the day I give up breeding dogs.


BammerKT said...

Oh that's a little bit scary that people will do that. I really respect how serious you seem to be about finding good homes for your puppies. It's too bad there aren't more breeders like that.

Yarnhog said...

After many years of owning dogs, I can attest that the cost of buying the dog is a tiny fraction of the cost of keeping it healthy and well-cared-for. If you can't afford to buy the dog in the first place, you probably can't afford the vet bills, feeding, grooming, etc. that go along with it.

knitwych said...

Colin, thank you for being so conscientious in your breeding and dog-raising practices. If every dog breeder were like you, this would be a better world for dogs and people alike.

Pixie said...

::They are not an unruly untrained 3-6 mth old that will end up in a shelter.::

As someone who has been actively involved in boxer rescue ( for the last 10 years -- THANK YOU.