Thursday, March 05, 2009



I did a silly thing. I changed my mind about the length of Patrick when I got to the armhole shaping. Before I shaped the armholes, I knitted some more rows. Simple enough to do. When I came to knit the back, I had forgotten how many rows I had increased the front by. I tried to tell just be looking but I couldn't and the last thing I wanted was to have mismatched shoulders and sides because one piece was shorter than the other. I frogged both pieces and started again. I ether have to start writing my patterns down, or stick to my original plan!

I am almost finished now with the Blue Faced Leicester / Nylon socks. I have made a start on a lovely new yarn from Wendy called Happy. It is 75% Bamboo and 25% Nylon. Feels very nice. it is red and blue and is knitting up as wide stripes. It feels very nice indeed.

The Sweet Feet socks are still on the needles and I am only half way thought the foot of one of them.

I think that for tomorrow, I shall take my Aran and not any sock knitting. This will ensure that I work on it. I am past the first armhole decreases and am no shaping the raglan of the back piece. The front is completed. I shall then make a start on the sleeves which will not have the front panel on them so will be much easier on my hands and thus a faster knit.


I have been swimming everyday Sunday to today. Cutting back on the amount I do has made a big difference I think. Only yesterday did I decide to swim further and today I had to swim less. I think there is a connection. I have been less fatigued. I wish I could say I have been in less pain but alas I cannot. My hips are especially sore and now even swimming hurts. Prior to this last few months, swimming has always been my relief. I think this is the longest flare I have experienced. A flare is when the intensity of the pain and the fatigue increases considerably before it settles down to a dull roar again. I am still waiting.

They are refurbishing the showers so are allowing people to use the disabled facilities (they are always dispensable). Well, I am waiting to get into the room to my clothes, and watch this man showering. No not for a thrill. I couldn't believe what he was doing. He lifted each leg alternately onto the sitting bench and proceed to wash and shower them. EVERY area of this room, including the support bars etc, were soaked. I had nothing to support myself with and no where to sit down in order to dress. I felt like asking this pratt to come and hold me up whilst I dried and got dressed. Honestly, people' stupidity and self centeredness still manages to surprise me.


Whenever we have been to the local brand new, huge store, I have parked in a convenient spot, knowing it is not a designated parking bay. I did so as a protest because Tesco have so far refused to have proper supervised parking and fines for those who use the disabled bays when not entitled to, like the other major stores do.
Yesterday, I was told that now they are indeed turning it into a supervised car park with the power to move vehicles and fine drivers. Not before time either. It is a shame though that here in the UK we have to do this because our population is so moronic. Doesn't happen on mainland Europe, at least not the countries I go to. Not only that, they understand that we have no choice but use our cars and thus we are not charged for parking. Here in the UK we are and most of the time not even provided with the facilities anyway.

I met a man while out yesterday who, like me, is a wheelchair user. He finds the exact problems as I do and we both agreed that other people give us far more pain and grief than our respective diseases do!


Micah and Whitney are both bathed and dried and ready for tomorrow. I have collected my frock coat from the dry cleaners. The rest of my clothes are ready. I shall be in bed by 6pm and up at 2am ready to leave at 4am. Hopefully I shall be at the NEC by 6am.


WereGrouch said...

Best of luck at the show! But of course with your little beauties and your wonderful training, luck shouldn't be a factor.

Susan said...

I wish we could see you at Crufts. Hope you get time to take pictures. Will be thinking of you of luck

Susan said...

Oh Colin I just read your "twitter" how terrible. Please get home safe I am sending you a "white light" to protect you from further upset.