Sunday, March 29, 2009


The drive to Salzburg has been interesting. When we left Budapest it was wet and and continued to be all day. As it got colder it turned into a blizzard. It is still snowing heavily now. We drove thru clouds too.

We just ate in a restaurant called the Owl in English. Salzburg looks very nice and we hope the weatehr allows us to wander tomorrow.


Lia Nord said...

The weather is supposed to start looking up, and perhaps will even be positively spring-like on Wednesday! Finally!

Granny's Girls said...

There is a wool shop in Salzburg. Near the cathedral..I think.
All the yarn was in plastic bags, on shelves, behind the counter. You ask for a colour and they bring you a sample ball in different weights. Quite the experience. The staff was very pleasant considering I did not speak one word of their language. We got by on inlimited I did buy a tapestry canvas.

fairy godmother said...

I hope the weather is nice for you!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, I ´saw the yarn store but didn't buy anything. JOHN LIKED THE TAPESTRIES BUT THEY SELL THEM SEPARATE TO THE YRAN FOR IT AND prefer´s tobuy the kits.