Saturday, March 14, 2009


I got a fantastic green frock coat on Ebay which arrived Thursday. Very nice. I am awaiting a tapestry waistcoat and cravat. The coat the waistcoat/cravat were incredibly cheap. I hope the waistcoat is as nice as the frock coat is.

I had a crap night, pain kept waking me despite the slow release Tramadol. They are only 100gm and I am thinking I need more for night. I shall ask when I see Elizabeth on Tuesday. I am still not wanting to go up a level to the morphine she offered last time I saw her. Last night, my ribs got in on the act and they haven't spasmed for quite a while.

I am off for a swim this morning. I shan't tomorrow as I am doing a 190mile round trip to talk and demonstrate tomorrow evening. Monday the car is in for service. I shall swim on Tuesday and that will be it until we get back from Hungary on the 4th. Wednesday I will be bathing dogs and getting things ready. Thursday I shall deliver James, Carly and Little Dorrit to the person who is looking after them. Friday I have to renew my Blue Badge (Handicapped Parking Badge) and deliver Nechung, Luque and Shameless to their holiday home with Dawn. I then have to bath Micah and Whitney and they will be dropped off at their carer on our way to the Chunnel on Saturday morning.

See, I have learned! I know that if I swim beyond Tuesday, I shall knacker myself. I have come to think that this 'falre' is not a flare as it has been going on to long. Ithink it is another progression of my disease. Over the last 20 years it has been like this. I am at a certain level and then suddenly I get worse and then stay at the new level for however long and then another sudden worsening and so on. The most annoying thing is that I had no trouble with daily swimming and now I can't do it daily. Pisses me off big time. I love the water. It also helps me keep my weight down. Still, nothing I can do about it so just have to accept what is. Perhaps I am wrong and this is a flare and I shall improve soon. I just don't recall a flare lasting over 3 months before. It could be worse, I could be ugly.

Whitney has just come up the stairs into my PC to say Hi and give me kisses. Thankfully she is no longer in a romantic frame of mind and she has put the two boys well and truly in their place so all is quiet again here. Phew!


Iris said...

Doggie kisses in the morning. So nice!

Indigo said...

indigo incarnates

i'm sorry you've been in pain.

FugueStateKnits said...

I don't think you could ever be ugly, either:)
Take care of you - and tell your hubby to grow up and take care of himself!