Thursday, September 05, 2013


BP 112/68, cholesterol 2.9 liver function normal heart function normal and nothing unusual in my blood. And I remembered to ask if it was okay to eat just chicken and vegetables and I was told yes but to remember to eat plenty of dark green vegetables. I do anyway. You would have thought that after nine months I would be sick to death of chicken but I am not. I love chicken. I have one or two meals a day consisting of two ready cooked chicken legs with half a pound of vegetables. Believe it or not it is cheaper to buy the ready cooked chicken legs then is to buy raw chicken legs and cook them although I sometimes do that because we have this laser glass oven thing. I know it isn't a laser. I just can't recall right at this minute what it is.  go now I remember it's a halogen knob.

By the time I got dressed I was absolutely knackered. I did consider going in my pyjamas with the hat and jacket on. That is never really a problem because people always assume it's a snazzy outfit. And they also expect me to be eccentric. But I know that it's my pyjamas and more or less the only place I will go in my pyjamas is the supermarket. Because I'm usually surrounded by slobs in there so it doesn't take much to look good! ;-)

 I had been worried about the colour of my P a few months back but then the colour became normal again and so I forgot all about it. Well today it was back to this very strange colour. So I mentioned it to the practitioner and she asked me if I had eaten any beetroot. I had! And I ate quite a bit of it. I love beetroot. Since we were on the subject I decided to tell her of the problem I was having with my knob, not the one I use for driving. The last time I had antibiotics for a chest infection I got thrush but I got it in my throat. I was beginning to wonder if my problem was thrush and it turns out that it probably is so I have stuff for that now. I'm quite certain you all wanted to know about this.

The fourth series of The Good  Wife arrive through my door yesterday and I am almost all the way through disc to already. I really enjoyed this series. I also finally finished Private Practice. There are no more series of this. It was okay but not brilliant.

I forgot to add that I also asked my practitioner if it was normal for my disease to make a sudden downward step instead of the more gradual worsening that isn't quite so obvious. The answer was very helpful. In some people it's gradual and in other people it's in steps. I would much prefer it was gradual. To suddenly not be able to do something it's much harder to deal with than gradually becoming aware that you can no longer do it.

Today I feel really knackered so I'm not going to do anything. In fact I think I might even go back to bed. I have dog show at the weekend. I want to be fresh for that.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


I have  just approved a bunch of commnets that go back yto Julu. I am sorrry but Yahooo idid not inofrm me of them arriving. So if you are wondering why I didn't appove you, tat is why and it was NOIT personal. xo