Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was up early today.  It was a good start to the day I went swimming as usual, and that went very well.  And then I came home and did the things I need to do here.  I sat and I did some knitting for a while.  Then I had a nap, and then I went for my three o'clock appointment at the optician.  This is when my day got unpleasant.

The optician is too far from the car park for me to have walked.  When I made the appointment, they are aware that I am a wheelchair user, and they told me that they had a ramp, which they would put in place when I went to my appointment.  I arrived at 5 to 3.  The ramp was not in place and they made me wait 20 minutes sitting outside on the pavement.  I sat there getting more and more annoyed and wondering at the same time if I had a right to be annoyed.  Was I being too sensitive,  etc etc

I wrote about what happened on Facebook, and all of the responses expressed outrage that I was treated like that.  I suppose, then, it wasn't unreasonable that I felt upset about it.

No matter how far I have come on the matter how well people think I there are times, just like this one, where I am confused.  Are being abused still confuses me.  I have to wonder if I am being abused or not.  In this case, yes, they treated me badly.

This is an example of what I mean, when I say that one never overcomes childhood abuse.  One gains strength to live with it and live well, but situations like this will always arise and the same doubts and confusion and feelings will arise again.  It can come out of the blue like an unwelcome visitor and whilst I have not learned to welcome it, I accept that it happens.

On an entirely different and more positive note, I am really getting the hang of this Dragon NaturallySpeaking program.  It really is much better and quicker than typing, and although it is not  fool proof, it takes much less time to correct than my bad typing does.


image image

image image image image image

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NOT TRUE!!!!!!

I have just finished watching an episode of Without A Trace.  In the final scene, Jack is upset because he told and abuse victim that her life was never get better.  And he believes that he lied to her, because in his opinion she could never overcome what happened to her.

This is not true!  I know it is not true!

No the damage can never be undone, but one can learn to live with that very well.

I do wish people would stop saying that we who have been abused can never have a good life.  We can have a good life, despite everything given love, support, and hope.

By saying that we can never overcome, we are stripped of hope.  That is far more damaging than anything else that could be put in our way.


I went to meet my friend Marilyn in Peterborough today.  This is the first time I have been anywhere other than my local supermarket with the wheelchair on my own.  It went very well.  I spent the last two hours on my own going around the shops.  The only time I felt vulnerable was having to go down into the basement to use the toilet.  It crossed my mind that if anybody wanted to take advantage of my situation this is where they could.

I bought myself a nice pair of rimless frames as I'm getting my eyes tested tomorrow because my prescription has changed-again!  I also bought a pair of prescription goggles for swimming.  They are quite amazing, I was really surprised at how well I can see through them.  Much better than having to put contact lenses in every morning.

It has rained on and off today but has done little to make it feel cooler.  In fact it made it more humid.  Even the dogs just lays about not wanting to do anything.

I am getting much better at using this voice dictation software.  It does make errors, which I have to correct, but it is still far better than my typing and less time-consuming.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It is hot again, and as is usual for the UK very humid. It is expected to reach 90 today.

I had a productive day yesterday dyeing yarn, and I have already re-hanked a few of them today.

Another idiot called me for one of my puppies today. I always make it clear that I will only deal with people on the telephone and none of my puppies are to be used for breeding.  They are to live as household pets only. I still get people call me who want to breed, and they think that by being manipulative I will allow them to. Too many people think it would be cute to have a litter of puppies without any idea what is involved.

We all probably go to church this afternoon as it has been quite a while since we have. I went on my last Thursday but John and I have not been together for quite a long time.

The puppies are very happy and lively and they will be seven weeks old on Tuesday. They eat well and play well, but in this heat, they spend much of their time sleeping in the shade.

I am reading a new book by Dorothy Rowe called WHY WE LIE.  I think I have read most of her books and find them immensely helpful.  Rowe, it is not an easy read at all, very challenging, but I credit her books is one saving me from the life of pain that I was living.  From her, I understood not only how I came to think the way that I thought and about the way other people's ideas and thought patterns had infected mine.  From there I learned that ideas are just ideas not TRUTH.  This was a revelation to me.

I do not agree with everything that Rowe writes and I may not even understand all of it but I devour her box.

Dictated using Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I should have been at Blackpool, dog show today.Unfortunately, I had been laid up with a bug instead. I feel much better today, but slept most of yesterday. Having spent most of the previous night exploding from both ends. I didn't eat for 24 hours and then I had a craving for boiled rice.

John came home yesterday that he could take care of me and the dogs.

I had another e-mail from Joyce. The woman, who said that I was gay because because I chose to be after my abuse. I deleted it without reading it and I can't imagine why she thinks I want to hear from her.

My latest pair of socks is the further development of using a one by one gusset. I am very pleased that this pair. They will go to my vet, Cere, as she also has the same size as me.

We will probably go to Pannini's for brunch.

Whitney needs to be bathed so I will do that later.

The puppies are doing extremely well and I am very pleased that their temperaments. They are built very well also, I will be keeping Mary Grace, and possibly Jackson.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Frequently in this country the subject of euthanasia comes up in the news. I get very angry at those who are opposed to it. At present, they hold sway. We are in a ridiculous position of being criminally liable if we help a human being in agony to die and be criminally liable if we do not kill an animal that is in agony!

With the law as it stands, I would have to kill myself before my illness makes my life intolerable.

There is no way I am going to allow myself to come under the control of health professionals. It  is a lie to say that people do not die in pain.  They do.  Pain relief does not work in over 30% of people who are dying from a painful condition.  My GP told me that.  I know of a woman who had to have her spinal cord cut, which made her completely paralysed, to end her pain!

Those who campaign to keep euthanasia illegal keep accusing those of us who believe in helping to end a person's suffering through compassion, of wanting to play God.  Taking antibiotics, painkillers, surgery, all are playing God!

Why should I have to die miserably just because of somebody else's idea?  How dare they force their religious views or ethical views upon other people?  It is not true that where there is life there is hope.  Another lie.  What sort of God wants a person to die in agony, and without dignity?  Often the only reason a person gets to that point is because of medical interference in the first place!  We are so afraid of death that we cause enormous suffering to each other.  Although of course we seem to have no qualms about killing people with bombs!  By that I am not just referring to terrorists.

I believe that it is pure cowardice, if not wickedness, to think that it is somehow noble or right to leave a person to die in agony.  Oh, I know that they will not literally be left.  They will be watched.  This makes it worse, as far as I'm concerned.

The argument that many people, especially the old and disabled will be put to death by the selfish and self-centred, is a ridiculous argument against euthanasia!

I would not expect a doctor to help somebody to die if they really felt that they could not.  I do expect that a doctor, who would not have a problem in acting out of compassion, would be allowed to do so.

Yes I do find the prospect of finding myself incapable and in pain, frightening.  I know what to do to end my life, but it really upsets me that I would have to do this before there was any chance that I could not and my life was in the hands of others.  I find the attitude of many healthcare professionals and lay people to be quite abhorrent.  It is one thing to make decisions for oneself, based on religious belief.  It is quite another to make such decisions for others based upon such beliefs.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Just in case you were wondering, I built this outfit around the hat. I found the hat in a Brussels, Belgium, market at Xmas time. It has been sitting with my other hats until it told me what it wanted to be grouped with. It told me this week.

My outfits usually are built around just one item that I saw and liked and then wondered what on earth I'd wear it with. It could be a waistcoat, a hat, or boots. I have jeans in various shades and this Tuxedo and a couple of other jackets. It might take months of listening before an outfit comes together.

Whilst being conspicuous can be daunting at times, at least I am known for the way I dress now and not because of the way I walk or 'the man with the sticks'. I am conspicuous either way so I might as well have fun with it whilst I still can.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dragon Speaking Naturally

I am using the above named voice to text recognition software. I am very impressed so far I am speaking at a totally natural speed, in fact really quite fast,and it is writing what I say. However for those who enjoy my typos I am sure there will still be errors to please you!


This is not an argument about whether there is a god for the sake of the following I assume there is.  I also think it is important that a few things are known about how I think.

1.  I love everybody.  I am not emotionally attached to everybody and I certainly don't like everybody but I honestly do love  everybody.  I want for all what I want for myself.

2.  I do not believe that any one is evil.  I believe that there are evil states of mind which can be altered.

3.  I believe that how we think and what we believe is of the utmost importance.  It is our beliefs that creates the world that we live in.

I understand how Vicky and Joyce think the way that they do.  Fear can make us all think illogically.  It can also make us behave in evil ways.

I had an evil mindset because I was taught to have one.  I was taught that I was born evil and that only through accepting the unacceptable would I be loved.  I was taught that I was destined for an eternity of burning in Hell.  I was taught that just like people’s, god's love was conditional.  I cannot speak for other religions but Christians deny that they're god's love is conditional.  It clearly is.  Having to believe something in order to be loved is a condition placed upon that love!

I was taught that merely to question is evil.  It was Satan who put the questions in my mind, who made me doubt, and that I, because of my innate evilness, allowed Satan into my life and thus doubt.

On top of all this was the threat of abandonment.  It is very hard for people to go against the prevailing ideas.  To do so means one is risking all.  One risks being shunned, not just by one's community but by one's family also.  This is a truly terrifying prospect.  Anyone who has experienced abandonment knows this to be true.

I also happened to have parents who abandoned me at a very young age.  They did not physically abandon me but abandon me they did.  They abused me, they did not love me, they left me in my fear without any solace or comfort or care.  They abandoned me.

I had absolutely no difficulty in understanding that I was going to Hell.  Not only was my day to day life fear filled but there was no prospect of the fear stopping.  I already knew that I was not acceptable to my parents, especially to my father, but I was too young to understand that it was because I was homosexual.  When it became apparent to me that I was one of these evil people I lost all hope.

Love saved me and brought me out of Hell.  Firstly my partner John.  His loving kindness allowed a little, very little, crack in my thinking.  Whilst I could easily envisage my own damnation I could not envisage his.  This was the beginning of my freedom.  The second man to love me was the therapist I saw for five years who was experienced in deprogramming the type of mindset I had.  He never once told me that there was anything wrong with me.  All he did was point out different options in thinking.  This I found both terrifying and amazing.  I had not been aware that there were other ways to think.

Fundamentalists are very much like drug addicts.  I have known many addicts who put down their drugs only to take up another addiction, that of fundamentalism.  Whilst whilst one is high on drugs that is all one cares about.  It feels so good one does not think about the effect one is having on others.  In just the same way whilst one is high on an idea of Jesus and Heaven one is so wrapped up in the high of that, that the welfare of others is of no consequence.  As with the drug addict thinking becomes black and white with only one goal in mind: being high.

Christians it seems fall into two camps: fundamentalists and liberals.  Fundamentalists say that they believe and follow every word of the Bible, which is a lie, whereas liberals say they believe in Jesus but not the bits of the Bible they don't like.  Fundamentalists believe that god will cause unbelievers to suffer the agony of burning for eternity.  Liberals, because they think they are so much kinder, believe instead that unbelievers will suffer eternal abandonment.  Both end games are evil.  Only an evil mindset could conceive of such wickedness or believe in a god who would do either!

People often use their religion as their reason for believing as they do.  This is a lie.  Those who say that they believe that being homosexual is wrong because their religion says so are lying, to themselves and to others.  If their own conscience was not in accord with their religion they would reject this evil teaching.  They are personally responsible for what they believe.

I am referring here to adults only.  However one was brought up, one is personally responsible for one's present mindset.  Not necessarily for the way one thinks but certainly for looking at it and doing what is necessary to change and grow.  The fact that it is frightening and painful to examine one's self and one's beliefs is not an acceptable reason to stick with the status quo.

Whilst I have compassion and understanding for people such as Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and others who think in this way it does not mean that their ideas do not make me angry nor do my feelings of compassion and love for all mean that I ought not be vociferous in my opposition to the evil they espouse.

When it is suggested that I ought not to criticise others beliefs and I find myself wondering if there is some truth in that I remember Matthew Shepard and that poor 10 year old boy who hung himself because of homophobic bullying.  Even though the Jewish State and historians in general would like us to forget that homosexuals and the disabled and gypsies were also tortured and killed in the Holocaust, I personally do not forget any of those millions who lost their lives through bigotry and hatred and as a result I find I cannot keep quiet in the face of such evil as espoused by some commentators on my blog and by religious leaders and religious followers in general.

Anger and hatred are not the same thing.  Yes I get angry at the pain and suffering caused by people to people.  If my anger leads me to want to harm or condemn others then my mind set in that would be evil.  I hate evil, that is true.  I do not hate people.  I wish no one harm.  I am well aware that people choose to use lies to attack me such as Vicki did, where she wrote that my blog was mainly composed of negative flaming, when one only has to scroll down to see that it is a lie.  People also choose to interpret anger as hatred because it suits them to.  If they allowed themselves to read what I write honestly and with an open mind they might feel and if they felt they might not be able to live with themselves in their present state of mind.

The worst thing any of us can do is decide that they know THE TRUTH.  Once one is convinced that one's own judgment is beyond question, one's mind becomes closed and evil results.  In Christian terms a closed mind cannot possibly admit the Holy Spirit and cannot be healed.  Therefore sin cannot be forgiven.  Meaning error cannot be corrected because such a mind does not see the need for correction.

I have done my best to state my position clearly.  O and I would like to add that I find the atheist position to be just as closed minded.  To say that without doubt there is no god is just as fundamentalist as those who insist in their own rightness.  If my understanding is correct, agnosticism would be the only honest position.


Blogger Heather W. Torrance said...

Hi Colin,
To be fair, you should probably pick on other religions, too, not just Christianity. Islam is also very anti-homosexual, as are traditional Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism...really, nearly all of them. Obviously Christianity has been the most damaging to you personally, but for the sake of homosexuals in countries where it is literally a death sentence to be out, perhaps you could speak out for them and pick on those religions.
As for the reactions you get from Christians...well, I understand the people who are offended that you lump them all into one group. But, more than that, I think they should be understanding of you. If they're tolerant, they need to be louder about it. They need to denounce other Christians who are intolerant towards homosexuals, instead of denouncing gays who've had to put up with bad treatment they're whole lives and are understandably burned by it.
I don't agree that all Christians are fundies. There are plenty of liberal Christians out there - whole denominations of them, in fact, as well as significant movements within many of the large churches, such as the Methodist and Episcopal churches. But they are fighting a rabid opposition, they're outnubered, and frankly, a lot of pro-gay people are also anti-religion, so they don't have as much support as they could. So maybe instead of attacking Christians, you should just attack fundies of all faiths, and find some common ground with the liberals in the faith who are on your side.


Dear Heather-you missed the point too. I am very well aware of the type of people you speak of, two female friends are Priests and my excellent Dr is also a Xtian.They are not the evil kind. The Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhists is not anti gay. I don't think Buddhism has a doctrine of hate toward us.
People like Pailin et al pretend to speak for ALL Xtians because if uou don't agree, then you are not one, in their eyes. The email printed previously from Joyce is the kind of evil I am writing about and if people truly did read my blog, they'd know my position, and it is not one of blindness to other faiths or to people who have faith, like me, but who are not fundy. There are haters without faith too. There is much to be offended about and I'd have been happier that you were offended by the Vicki's comment rather than what you perceived me to think. I am in agreement with you: Islam, Judaisim, and Xtains and others all preach hatred of us and in some countries we are killed in the name of God. In the UK and the USA we are killed in the name of hate fuelled by religious hatred of us.


I can only hope that dear Joyce can see her error before she harms yet more of her brothers and sisters. I find this type of evil most insidious and difficult to heal as the thinker’s mind is closed. Not even the ‘holy spirit’ can heal such a  mind. How the writer of this can in any way think this is a loving email is beyond me.

Hi Colin,

I sometimes read your blog, not often.

But did read the part your wrote about you would have not made a good parent because of your abuse when you were growing up.

I don't think that is a reason or excuse to turn your life into being a gay man.

God did make you a man, &  (I know we have not tread in your shoes,) but God destroyed Sodom & Gomorra for the sexual sins the people were practicing, & just saying you would not have made a good parent is not excuse enough for your life style.

God gave us a command to populate the earth, that is one reason He made us, only one reason, & there are many more reasons, & He made us in His image & I don't think He expected us to populate the earth if we were all living a homosexual existence.

It is hard for me to grasp that people think that homosexual life is in anyway a normal lifestyle, & everyone that is homosexual always has some excuse of their lifestyle, which makes the conclusion of trying to reason to the rest of us that it is okay.

You are a very talented person, God gave you those talents you have, He also puts us through trials & tribulations to make us better people & through these things we are meant to learn from them.

The abuse we go through in life, makes us a better parent, as we know how terrible it is & we want to make sure our children never have to go through that type of abuse, we only learn that from experience.

I'm sure with your talents you would have been a great parent.

You stated you don't believe in Hell, but I am sure just because people don't believe it, that does not mean it isn't going to happen.

There are so many things in the Bible that have happened & are still going to happen., that actually prove the Bible is true.

I know this letter isn't going to change your mind about many things you write, but I just felt I had to write it, I am not condemning you, it is not my place to do that, or to judge you.

I do believe that there is a time we all will be judged, & pray you might realize that too.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am especially pleased with the socks.  I think they are the best I've ever knitted.  The finish to the heel turn is improved by due to a mathematical error I made which has turned out to be an improvement.  I have also improved on the one by one ribbed gusset by design.

I knitted them using Indigo Crush by Knitman's Kitchen, 80% super wash merino, 20% bamboo, 400 metres to 100 g.  I used Addi Lace circular needles 2 MM size.

These are going to a dog show friend, who asked me for a pair.  We are the same size and he tried these on at the show so they are now his.  Hence the name of this pair of socks.


For a larger view, left click on picture.


Blogger Vicki Designs (Schnorkiemom) said...

Isn't this putting an entire group of people in one box? I'm Christian but, can assure you I'm not sexually attracted to my own sex. If you are comfortable in your own skin, why must you attack others and constantly be on the defensive. What did Sarah Palin ever do to you? I used to follow your blog quite religiously and enjoyed your posts and was saddened by your illness and the hardships it presents. Lately, it's just a platform to flame and I'm sorry to say I can't take the negativity. I know this won't be posted, but I just thought you should know how I feel and I know I am not alone.

3:42 PM, June 17, 2010


It would help if people understood what they have read before they vent their spite. Though I must say Vicki’s comment is mild compared to some of the hate mail I get.

Now, Vicki, Ms Palin, and others who create an atmosphere of hate toward gays are simple responsible for every hate crime towards us, even if they do not weild a physical weapon.

IF as Xtians, and Ms Palin, reckon we CHOOSE our sexuality, then we are ALL bisexual. Too difficult for Ms Vicki to grasp.

If as Vicki says she was an avid reader of this blog, then 1. she would know I don’t care about plonkers 2. she’d understand my point 3. she’d know her little fit, compared to the real life abuse I experience is nothing but a blip! 4. Why do Xtian such as she not see the hate behind their self-righteousness? It is really sad that fear stops these people from being their real loving selves.

Oh, and if you had read and understood, you’d know I would publish your comment. I publish ALL of them except those that are foul languaged and those that describe how they would like to see me die. Those are pointless.

Vicki, if you were not so self centred you might have a chance of understanding another human being instead of prejudging according to your belief system as your comment shows you have. It is clear it prevented you understanding what I wrote. I’d like to add that you failure to understand the harm people like Palin and others of her thinking do to me and others is typical of a person whose mind is enslaved to an idea.

Spank me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christians Are Bisexual (and the rest of us)

Are you shocked by this?  I am.

It would seem that they are equally attracted to both sexes, sexually and emotionally.  They choose to suppress their emotional and sexual attraction to members of their own sex.  This must cause an enormous amount of stress.  At the very least they must spend an awful lot of time on their knees.

I wonder when they made the decision to only act on their sexual and emotional attraction to the opposite sex.  How old were they when they made this decision?  Does this mean that before they were Christians have they were having sexual and emotional relationships with both sexes?

The logical conclusion to be drawn from their insistence that we have a choice is that we are all naturally bisexual and have an equal sexual and emotional attraction to both the same and the opposite sex.

This means that I'm definitely not normal.  I have never been sexually or emotionally attracted to the opposite sex.  Phew!  That was one less decision I had to make.

I would dearly love to ask Sarah Palin two questions.  One: when did she decide to suppress her lesbianism and two: how does she sustain it?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ann Coulter and the Jews

I saw an interview on YouTube with Ann Coulter. She was being interviewed by A Jewish reporter. When she was asked about how the perfect America would be she said amongst other things that it would be Christian. The reporter took exception to this and asked if she would prefer there were no Jews and was surprised and offended by her at affirmative response. She added that she wished and used to be perfected, in other words to become Christian. I understand but Jewish reporter's being offended but has he really believed this long without realizing that this is one of the basic tenets of Christian belief. By its nature it is anti-semitic. It is anti anything that is not Christian. Jehovah's Witnesses however believe that all Jews go to Heaven no matter what because they are God's chosen people.

As for the woman herself, I saw many interviews with her tonight and I cannot escape the conclusion that she quite simply is off her trolley and I cannot understand why she is given so much free publicity for her mostly obnoxious views. Despite her protestations she clearly has no respect for her fellows and thinks herself intellectually and morally superior. I could of course be totally off the mark but after several hours of listening to various clips of that is what I hear.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I had a fantastic when this morning.  I swam a mile for the first time in over a year.  I took just paracetamol and morphine.  Normally I'd take paracetamol and tramadol, and then 2 hours later just before my swim I would add morphine.  However, a nurse acquaintance who had a smashed hip told me that the tramadol counteracts the morphine.  It seems that she is correct because the morphine works much better with just paracetamol.  I am very pleased with this result.

The puppies are five weeks old tomorrow.  I shall be keeping the girl and also the gold and white boy.  Mary -Grace and Chase.  Mary Grace's a howler just like her father and her half sister Whitney.  They like to speak to you and throw back their heads and howl when they are excited.

John goes back to work tomorrow and his arm is much better.  However the stress of the attack has brought on another chest infection so he is taking his antibiotics.  I am very pleased that he took these days off work and rested.

My next show is not until Blackpool on the 25th of this month.  I am going to have a quiet year with regard to dog shows.  I will still be going quite a few, just not as many as last year.

The weather here is crap.  Dull and cool.  I do hope this summer is not going to be like the last two summers which were dull and cold.

I will probably do so more dyeing today or maybe I shall just sit and knit.  I may even just read as I have some reading to catch up with.

I dictated this post using the Windows 7 speech recognition software.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Most people do not believe that I am shy. After all look at the way I dress for dog shows. And when I go and give a talk and demonstration sometimes in front of 100 or so people.

Quite simply it's true. The fear I often feel before any of these events is quite nauseating. Sometimes it is even an effort for me to leave my house. I often have to force myself to leave for the dog shows in the morning of the day of one. Once I have, I am okay.

I think I am what I would describe as an introverted extrovert! Don't get me wrong I am not saying that I am afraid all the time. I enjoy other people's company I just can't deal with it for too long. I also enjoy the lovely comments that some people make. It amazes me that any one would take the time to go up to somebody they do not know and pay them a compliment.

This is all so very different to past experience. I know when I first started showing four years ago I was terrified. For me it was like going back into the lion's den. No one has yelled abuse at me, kicked me, punched me, or spat on me.

I think the conquering of fear is a major work for all of us. A certain amount of fear is necessary to keep us out of danger. Yet fear can keep us from living, keeper some loving, and can prevent us having wonderful experiences.

Fear is pretty much at the root of all of the world's ills. Fear of not having enough. Fear of death. Fear of humiliation. Fear that we are not good enough.

Fear of not being good enough is constantly reinforced by religion and the media. Right from birth most of us learn that we are not good enough. People who fear that they are not good enough have their capacity to love themselves and others severely diminished. And there lies our problem. If the very young I loved and accepted as they are they grow up into adults to love and accept themselves and as a result love and except other people. This means that they can empathise with others. Without empathy it is not possible to treat others well and it becomes very easy to demonise others and either to stand by when evil is perpetrated upon others, like in the Holocaust, or even to commit evil acts ourselves.

In this country we have a high rate of teen age pregnancy, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and general delinquency. We also have a high rate of child incarceration. We have a reputation in Europe for not loving our children.

If we do not love and respect children we cannot hope to produce adults who love and respect others. Worse we produce adults who do not love and respect themselves. And hence the cycle is not broken.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Once again I am using voice recognition software to dictate this blog post. I am using the inbuilt one until Dragon Naturally Speaking arrives.

I have not gone swimming today but not because swimming on Monday and Tuesday knackered me. I spent far too long on my feet last evening dyeing yarn. I got rather carried away and after I had dyed my orders I carried on and dyed some more for my shop. I did enjoy myself so I can't complain.

The puppies are doing very well and they eat every time I give them bowls of food. It is too soon to tell yet if I have anything I will want to show. I have my eye on two of them.

I have been watching the seventh series of Shameless. Even though I have now watched so many episodes I still find it capable of shocking me. It is very well acted. Having lived on a council estate for many years I believe these people to be true to life. I am glad I don't live like that anymore.

I do wish there were more hours in the day or maybe I just wish I could keep going longer. LOL!

We have still to decide if we will have a holiday this year or not. If we breed Carly or Edna or both of them we probably will not go anywhere. We have a long weekend booked and paid for at the end of November and her friend has agreed to look after any puppies we may have but they would still have to not be that young at that time.

Monday, June 07, 2010


I am typing this using voice recognition software.

The puppies are doing very well. Bay it will be four weeks old tomorrow. They are now eating solid food, or porridge made of Kibble.

My swim went very well. My doctor's advice to take the morphine before my swim really works well. I have no fatigue more pain. I also stopped swimming as soon as I felt strain instead of forcing myself to continue.

I have almost finished another pair of socks using a revised Andersson Construction Method. I have also used an improved version of my one by one gusset. I have used my own Knitman's Kitchen yarn in 80% super wash Merino and 20 per cent bamboo.

I still have plenty of Hankin to do and then we'll die five Hanks I have to order.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


I knitted these on 2mm ADDI Lace circulars, using the Andersson Construction Method and Andersson Heel Mach II. The yarn is Knitman'sKitchen 50% merino 50% Tencel, used two fold. (it's 850m/100g).

Wednesday, June 02, 2010