Monday, July 31, 2006

Superfine Merino

I knitted this on my SK830(Fine Gauge) machine. I used 4 strands of 2/48's and 2 strands of 2/60. Three different colours. The yarn has a super handle, soft and smooth. The yarn is also 11 years old! All it has done is sit on my shelves all this time. It has not deteriorated at all. I haven't had it 11 years but that is it's date of manufacture.

I have used my now usual set in sleeve style. I knit a 'half raglan' for set in sleeves. I find it fits the best and looks the best. I have tried nurmerous times to use a more convential curved sleeve head but do not like the result.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shows and Stuff

Moon has now been to 5 Championship shows and has been placed 2nd twice and 3rd three times. The last time, Saturday she was 3rd out of 18.

We have a two week break now and I must say I am glad of it.I am exhausted and in some amount of pain now. However, I have had a great time doing this and look forward to shows on the 6th and 12th August.

When i was first diagnosed I dealt with it by thinking it would go away after a few months. When the penny dropped that this is a progressive disease and I was likely to get worse, not better, I became very concerned that I would have to give up my dogs and certainly any idea of showing. I am not easily beaten though and set about learning how to show a dog and use a stick. As importantly, I also learned to pace myself, set my priorities, and think only of each day as it came and refused to let my mind wander into the future. It is paying off handsomely. One thing I had to compromise on, which I hated but it was necessary, was the dogs coats. I shaved off everyone but Micah and Moon. Moon because I am showing her, and Micah because I am likely to start showing him later this year.

I knitted another sweater this last two days and it is now in the bin! I hated the yarn(Forsell's 2ply-rough and pilled even while knitting!) tho I loved the heathery colour and thought it would still make a nice sweater. I was half way thru sewing it up when I noticed the yarn really was crap and it showed around the neckline and the sleeve cap seams. So in the bin it went. I hate to waste yarn but will not be knititng with this yarn again and will dump any cones I still have of it.

I have slept a lot this last 3 days and it is very hot. 90's and humid. Yuk!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Odds and Ends

This was knitted using 4 ends of assorted yarns. Black is 2/24 merino/acrylic(50/50), Beige is the same yarn, Grey is a 2/30 Merino and the Rust is a 2/20 pure wool. Knitted on the Brother 940 at tension 7 (30 sts and 41 rows to 10cm). I used a modified drop shoulder, with the cut in knitted on the slant, similar to a set in sleeve. First time I have used this technique for the cut in.
The size is 62cm(24.5") wide and 64cm (25")(long, excluding ribbing and the sleeves are 54 cms( 21.3")long excluding ribbing.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two of Ten

Left home at 1.30am this morning for a dog show and got back at 8pm after doing a round trip of 550 miles.

Moonlight enjoyed herself again and was placed 2nd out of 10 minor puppy bitches. A very nice bitch beat her to 1st as she did last week.

The owner of this girl asked me if I was at next weeks show and I replied I would be. Oh, she said, you may do better there. Why? I asked. 'I won't be there,' was her reply. What do you say to that?

Moonlight has now been to three shows and each time has qualified for Cruft's, one 3rd (0f 9), one 2nd of 15 and one 2nd of 10. I am very pleased with that.

One thing did mar it for me today. I had more trouble with my balance today, part of my condition. Anyway, I fell over as I was about to enter the ring. I was of course only using one stick as I can't show Moon and use two. Anyhow, I tried to stop the fall and get Moon out of the way at the same time. Right next to me, a group of young and middle aged able bodied men stood. These 'gentlemen' watched me stagger and try to right myself and then watched me fall flat on the ground. They just stood there as I struggled to get myself back up. I am lost for words.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sock Yarn

I have often pondered over what a sweater would be like knitted in yarn meant for socks. I came across this lovely hand dyed merino sock yarn and decided to give it a shot. This is what I did with it. I really like these colours.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Aran Final Decision

This is my final draft. I am happy with it. Knitted with 3.75mm needles.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Garter Stitch Raglan

A raglan sweater done on the Brother Garter Carriage. The stitch pattern is my own. It appeared on a sweater I did for MKM magazine a couple of years ago.
The yarn is 50% Merino, 30% Silk and 20% Cashmere. Two ends of 2/15's.
Raglan seam, decreased 2 sts at a time. The raglan sleeve finishes with a str8 edge, the front and back body seams being of equal length. Shallow shaping for neck on front and back, over 12 rows for front and 8 rows for back.
Neck featuring a rolled collor top on 2x2 base.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Moon Glow

Well back from the show and knackered.

Moon showed her heart out(she loves it) and this only her 2nd show, she was placed 2nd out of 15 Minor Puppy Bitches (6-9mths).

Also, this was my second time knitting in public and it causes much interest. I didn't think anyone would notice or care, but I was wrong. No end of people coming up to talk to me about it. Eating my knitting time up!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Tomorrow, July 7th, is the 25 th anniversary of John and I meeting. We have been together since that day.

We are celebrating by going away today for a championship dog show in Wales tomorrow.

It really doesn't seem like 25 years. Amazing.

I have never met anyone who could hold a candle to John. He has integrity, is empathetic, caring, tolerant, peaceful, loving in a quiet way. He has always been there for me no matter what. He is incredibily kind and giving. I owe all I have to him. I may not have had what I needed growing up, but he has certainly shown me what love is in practice. He has never lost his temper with me. Oh, he has been cross of course but never once has he been mean or nasty or come close to being abusive. I must say I found him very puzzling for the longest time. I was not used to being treated well and I thought there was something wrong with him!

Whist always being supportive, he has never carried me. He has always left me to sort my own stuff out. He never got enmeshed nor did he let me get away with stuff. I had to clean up my own mess.

He has taken everything in his stride. Now that I am disabled, he still treats me the same tho of course he does more for me physically.

He works hard and earns good money which goes on me and the dogs.

Whilst he hates me to say it, I know that I would not be alive today had we not met.

Yes, I am very lucky indeed.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Moon's First Championship Show

Moon did very well at her first major championship show yesterday at Windsor. She gained a 3rd place which means she has qualified to enter Cruft's 2007. It was what I hoped I for.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

7 Months Old

Luna-'I vont to be alone'
Stop pointing at me!
Moon-I can look very innocent whilst I plan my next attack.
Micah - can I mate that thing you're pointing at me?