Sunday, July 09, 2006

Garter Stitch Raglan

A raglan sweater done on the Brother Garter Carriage. The stitch pattern is my own. It appeared on a sweater I did for MKM magazine a couple of years ago.
The yarn is 50% Merino, 30% Silk and 20% Cashmere. Two ends of 2/15's.
Raglan seam, decreased 2 sts at a time. The raglan sleeve finishes with a str8 edge, the front and back body seams being of equal length. Shallow shaping for neck on front and back, over 12 rows for front and 8 rows for back.
Neck featuring a rolled collor top on 2x2 base.


Iris said...

Ohhh! I love that sweater. I am seeing it done in a nice little silk/
wool blend with short sleeves for hot, muggy Florida!


Carol said...

Lovely, as usual! You are an inspiration!

And congratulations on your anniversary on Friday.

Best Wishes

Louise said...

As usual a superb job! What I am wondering though is how you spent your time while your GC was at the raglan shaping stage! How long did you sit waiting for it to reach the end of rows? Or did you get on with your life and take ages over this part just coming back to your machine every hour or so? Or did you knit at another machine while waiting?

I have to admit I have never attempted a GC pattern involving much shaping.

I was, of course, enticed to read on so congratulations to Moon!

I take it you did not take a knitting machine along to the show! That would no doubt cause even more of a stir

Take care,

Lou Lou said...

Hi Colin,

Very nice sweater as usual. Excellent finishing. I love your stitch
pattern too.
Just a question: why do make your back and front raglan seams equal length?
Ever tried the front with a shorter seam than the back? That's what I do
and I find the raglan fit excellent.
An enquiring mind wants to know!

Barb said...

Lovely sweater. I like the neck and that pattern looks really well on this

Dianne said...

Colin .. what can I say ? WOW! BRILL jumper.. again...( doesn't seem
adequate !) Lovely dog too .... Pleased for you that she did well..
glad you got your soul mate :-)

MelissaUSA said...

Colin, as always you sweaters amaze me. I am in a slump between tote felting and your fantastic eye candy ;) has inspired me to pull out my garter carriage. Have a lovely day

Quelyn's Knits said...

Love the pattern. What was your tension?

Anonymous said...

lovely raglan I have just bought a g.carriage hope I can knit as good as you
I loved reading your web page your dogs are lovely my daughter has a Lhasa Apso I have yorkies and Maltese