Friday, July 07, 2006

Moon Glow

Well back from the show and knackered.

Moon showed her heart out(she loves it) and this only her 2nd show, she was placed 2nd out of 15 Minor Puppy Bitches (6-9mths).

Also, this was my second time knitting in public and it causes much interest. I didn't think anyone would notice or care, but I was wrong. No end of people coming up to talk to me about it. Eating my knitting time up!!!


sal the spider said...

Whenever I knit in public I seem to attract attention so as a knitting fella you must get it trebled! I sat knitting on the canal the other day and some people thought I was so eccentric I must obviously live on one of the boats! I have to admit to enjoying it most of the time - had a pic in the local rag this week of me spinning - don't call me dahling, call my agent LOL
Sal x

Anonymous said...

I once knitted in the fantastic and moving Manchester Imperial War Museum, waiting while Bob did loads of sketches for an amazing artwork, and some children asked me if I was Victorian! I lied!!
Well done you, for the diggetydogs and keeping the knitting faith!

Angie said...

Oh thats funny Cheryl..I was just going to say "Try sketching in public" .It can get a bit annoying .