Friday, July 21, 2006

Odds and Ends

This was knitted using 4 ends of assorted yarns. Black is 2/24 merino/acrylic(50/50), Beige is the same yarn, Grey is a 2/30 Merino and the Rust is a 2/20 pure wool. Knitted on the Brother 940 at tension 7 (30 sts and 41 rows to 10cm). I used a modified drop shoulder, with the cut in knitted on the slant, similar to a set in sleeve. First time I have used this technique for the cut in.
The size is 62cm(24.5") wide and 64cm (25")(long, excluding ribbing and the sleeves are 54 cms( 21.3")long excluding ribbing.


craftyknits said...

colin, you have excelled again, I will have to get some of this yarn weight, I only ever tend to buy 4ply, I have never tried the industrial yarns.
I would like to try doing some plaiting with it has I find the 4ply a bit on the thick side.

Laura Sniderman said...

Too cool! very neat how the colors are random, hmm planned randomness?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely impressed with all of your sweaters! I am jealous and only hope one day I will be able to do the same! I am new to the knitting machine and I am working on my first sweater! I also love the fact at the way you love your dogs! I own 2 lhaso's and are the loves of my life!!!! Thank you again for sharing all of your wonderful work!
vancouver, wa

All the Way With Knitting said...

Yes Laura is right you have mingled them perfectly Colin in a lovely combination too.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's one thing to have such a great eye for color and design, but to be so prolific, too...thank you so much for sharing your work! This is my favorite blog-stop. Two words: Beautiful. WOW.

knit on from Lisa

Jill Schaefer said...

Why is it you can take "assorted yarns" and it comes out awesome, and I take assorted yarns and it comes out like someone threw up? I love this sweater!

karen said...

Colin, Beautiful work. I wish I were confident enough to make a sweater.
I can't seem to find a pattern for the Bulky machine. I would love to make a
boat neck sweater for myself. But need to find directions first. I helped
move a nice lady from Eugene OR to just East of Everett WA and she promised
me a Brother 891 and Ribber for the help. I should get it soon. She is
moving again and will get it to me when she is settled. Keep up the inspiring
work. I love to see what you have done.

pat said...

This sweater is just lovely--the effect is muted but still colorful, and so

iris said...

Wow! You did it again!!! That's beautiful.

nat said...

Colin, I think that mixed yarn sweater turned out real well. It's not my personal favorite colors, but it works well for a Man sweater. I really like the modified-modified set in sleeve idea. With the slant.

pat said...

Sigh...Once again I am in awe. I truly believe that you could
go 'dumpster diving' and manage to knit a beautiful sweater with what
you found there!
As for those 'gentlemen'...rather than able-bodied, they should be
called 'addle-brained' and I seriously doubt that they qualify
as 'men.'

Anonymous said...

I'll go further about those men - I'm not sure they truly qualify as
human beings.

I'll also agree about Colin's ability to make something wonderful out
of scraps. I'll bet he can do that with a lot of things, though.

Anonymous said...

Looks great (as usual for you). I often use bits knitting two colours
together. I must try using more!

Anonymous said...

Another inspirational piece of work!


ferg said...

I found your blog through a comment of yours at Dot at
I'm filled with admiration at your determination and success. Yes a good partner helps but that goes both ways.
Cheers Gillian,
ps I love knitting, live in Oz and have all my family in England, including one of my sisters with Progressive MS. Such a small world in many ways.

Mary Beth said...

Well, I have just stayed up way past my bedtime reading *almost * every word of your blog. Thank you for writing about the facts and effects of abuse of children and for your memories of your travels and your efforts to cope with your physical burdens and your spiritual explorations and your love and care for the dogs and the quality of breeding and especially for your inspirational photos and notes on your fabulous sweaters! I have "seen" you post on MKing lists in the past, paid attention to what you have shared, and am delighted to have found your blog. You have my deepest admiration!