Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Budapest has some beautiful buildings. It has wide avenues. Lots of artwork and statues.

As I mentioned on Twitter, it is not accessible so Daniel had to be left in our room. Everywhere we have been today would not have been possible with Daniel.

Sadly, the recession has clearly left it's mark here. Many closed and baorded up shops. The whole place has a forlorn look and feel to it. At least where we have been here in Pest and Vici Utca. Lots of souvenir shops selling the usual tat.

I bought a traditonal shirt which is really nice. The only one in my size. Mostly the tradional cltohing is for women and obviously so.

I have not found any yarn shops.

I also bought a womnderful hand made leather coin carrying pouch. It clips onto my belt loop and has a really cool metal closing hook. I also bought too cups I liked. It seems I have a collection of coffee cups now as I often look for them and buy what I like the look of. I at one time thought it was wasteful until I realised that having beautiful things is a necessary part of life.

I discovered that pain killer sor not, my legs give way all together after a while and the pills don't stop the pain as much as I owuld like. I have to walk very slowly which I now is hard on John and his long legs which make him 6ft 1 " tall. He never complains.

It is really cold here. Sunny all day today. I wore 40 denier pantyhose, long johns, a thermal base layer oin top of those and jeans. Oh an d my wool socks. I was warm enough. I alos wore 4 layers on top. I wore my Stetson and heavy jacket. Even through all that my legs could feel the chill but not so much it bothered me. I wore my red croc DM's. People stared me a lot today and I even had my photogrpah takken twice. I dont'know why. I noticed that peopel didnĂ˝ just look cos of the boots but the caot and hat too. I thought I looked tame. Lord knows wht'll happen tomorrow when i wear my balc DM's covered in flowers!

I saw lots of real fur coats on women and we also saw a few real fur shops. I have to say they were just beautiful despite all the ethical concerns surrounding this.

Tomorrow we shall probably go into Buda (across the river) and at some point tomorrow or the next day we shall take a boat along the Danube. Either as a tour or to the next town along the Danube.

I have been successful at enjoying this, as has John judgunbg from his mood. My stomach lurches everytime I think about the house, otheriwse it is okay.

We have been burgled twice before, not at the house. Once 25 years ago and a litter of unweaned puppies were stolen. That was awful. truly awful. The second time was in 99 at the flat an donly material goods went.

We will have to secure the house if I am ever to leave it again. We will talk to the police when we get back and discuss the best way to do this.


Celticspirit said...

Your trip to Budapest sounds wonderful! How long are you staying there?
So sorry to hear that you have been burglarized. I know that feeling and it's a horrible violation, even in my case when it was done by my own family.
You have a very enjoyable blog.

Susan said...

It is so good of you to share your holiday with us. It sounds wonderful so far!