Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sleep isn't everything then! I slept well last night and I awoke at 5.30 and just knew I wasn't going to be able to swim. I dealt with the dogs and went back to bed by 6.15am and got up two hours later.

This is what I did yesterday:

I went for my swim.

I went to the supermarket, got photographs done for Blue Badge, shopping and lottery.

I did 4 loads of washing in the machine.

I bathed 3 puppies and one adult.

I sewed up one sweater.

At 8.30pm I was tired and sore. I took my pills and had half ate a meal. By 10 I was asleep. I'd have thought that 7.5 hours was enough. Apparently not. Okay, so writing out what I did I can see I hardly had a lazy day but it doesn't seem like a lot to do. Maybe it is when one has a body that doesn't function as it should.

Today, I am bathing two more dogs and taking the puppies to Margaret where they will stay until we get back. That is a round trip of of 110miles.

I have washed almost all of my clothes and John's. Whatever we choose to take with us will be clean. I shall have to ask John how many pairs of shoes/boots I can take. It will be easier knowing that. In fact, as he does most of the carrying, he will decide what and how much we take so I will have to choose my clothes and footwear accordingly. I will need underwear and socks for each day, so 15 pairs of each.

John is very good at packing. He does so much travelling for work, he knows what to take and what not to. Far more organized that me. Even if I go away on my own, he packs for me. I start to think about it and zone out! I am no good at it all. The first time he saw me pack for a solo trip, he never let me do it again.

I shall be leaving really early tomorrow to deliver Shameless, Luque and Nechung to Dawn. When I get back I have to bath Micah and Whitney who will be dropped off at their holiday home on our way to the tunnel on Saturday morning.

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Anonymous said...

There's lots of preparation with animals, much less humans who pack haphazardly (that would be you, Colin). It's good there usually seems to be one good packer in a family (here, that would be me).

Even taking all the animals with us is a chore. And you have to be careful the budgie cage is far enough away from the dog and the cat's carrier far enough away from the dog and everything even remotely tasty is far enough away from the dog and anything you don't want seed or hair on is far enough away from everybody.

Traveling is such a joy, once you get the preliminaries taken care of. Enjoy.