Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Lia, John, Diana, Daniel and I went into Sandhausen, had a coffee and also a quickish look around the local yarn shop which is very good. Yes, I bought a little yarn.

Later we went to Heidelberg minus Lia. Had a good time. Sunny day. Bought a hat.

We will leave after another good meal cooked by Lui as we have a very long drive of 450 miles tomorow to Calais. We will sleep there tomorow night and Friday and we will cross the Channel to drive back home on Saturday morning.

This has been a very good trip. I am apprehensive about getting home becasue of the burglary although quite why I am not sure. I kow it really bothers me that someone we know did this to us and that makes me feel unsafe in a place I have always felt safe in.


joannamauselina said...

I'm so glad your trip is a success. I totally understand why you are having some trepidation about returning home. You have been violated, and have not really had to face it first hand yet. Probably the thrill of warm puppies will make it all OK.

Angela said...

Colin, i've just caught up on your posting and i'm sorry to hear of your break in. There are some truely wicked people out there and i'm a firm believer that they'll get whats coming to them. Don't let it ruin your holiday