Friday, April 03, 2009


I am typing this on a tiny keyboard and my 'pc screen'is the TV.

The drive yesterday was 435 miles. It took only six hours. The roads were clear. I was niether tired or in pian. We had forgotten that the service stations in Belgium were bad and the so called service rude if it existed. Driving in Belgium is the bulk of the drive. Food is okay iof you are happy to eat potatoes, froes or potatoes. If not you can eat bread, sandwiches, rolls, or bread.

After we did a little shopping for supplies in the huge Carrefour supermarket (oh how I wish the UK could get it's act together about supermarkets) we went to eat at Flunch. This is a cafeteria style restaurant. Again, the UK could learn from this place. We both had roast ham. Carved in front of us. We then help ourselves to hot vegetables. All cooked right and not dry or watery. I had spinach, cauliflower, courgette (Zucchini), carrot. John had chips (fries). All for seventeen euros, including a beer for John and a coffee for me. This is beyond the wit of the UK service providors. Our service stations on the motorways are truly awful ( worse than Belgium ) and they are expensive.

Today we are just lazing around, resting. I am sore. Last nights dreams incorporated the pain so it took a while before I responded by getting up and moving around a bit.

Later, we will wander around Cite Europe, eat at Flunch again and then back here to bed as we have an early start home tomorrow.

This trip has been good. Apart from the new sights and cultures, we have both been more relaxed. We have figured out how to handle Daniel. I have been much less snappy. I have done very well in learning how to pace myself. I have also been more generous with the drugs but still not needed to take a full day's allowance.
Both Lia and Nana paid me the biggest compliment, independently of eachother. They said how different I was to when they first met me. More relaxed.

I am excited about seeing the dogs. I miss them. I did not at any time on this trip feel a need to go home nor have I felt homesick. I am very surprised how I, and we, have handled the break in news. Yes, I am nervous about getting home in case more has been taken than we think. I am most concerned about my storage devices. I think though that these things are cheap enough to buy so I think they probably are safe. I hope so as they are my backups for photographs and stuff.

I have not done as much knitting as I expected. I have knitted the gusset and heel on both one pair and part way up the legs on boht. That is it!

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