Thursday, April 23, 2009


My email friend Pam West (click on name to go to her website) did this portrait. She thought it looked like one of my dogs, and I agree. I didn't know that modest Pam was an artist.

Micah and Whitney are all tarted up for tomorrow's show and I am soon off to bed. Since I had three pairs of boots arrive today, my footwear for tomorrow has changed to pastel green and coral. They match the colours in the waistcoat.

I did my swim this morning. I have also been taking Sennakot , 2 twice a day for the last three days cos I was bunged up and nothing was happening. Today, a few hours after this morning's dose, rather too much is happening! I am hoping it will be done by 4am when I leave here.

I have FIVE pairs of socks on the go. I couldn't control myself. Thankfully I wasted no time trying to find the repeats or making sure I cast on a particular break. I just picked up the damn yarn and cast on and away I went. What will be will be.

I did make a concession with the Road Gerry from Lorna's Lace. It was going to stripe and not nicely so I just carried on increasing until it did something else. It obliged at 84st and is now spiralling in a very nice way. It is on 2mm needles and 84 sts is that little bit too loose for me, I prefer tight, but probably normal for most people.

Speaking of tight, can anyone explain why my legs, hands, and torso feel better when I am wearing tight undergarments and tight gloves? I wear support tights most of the time now and my vest is always tight and I wear tight half gloves most of the time. My guess is that it has something to do with the pressure but I can't figure how or why that would help my condition.


fairy godmother said...

Good luck at the show, post pics please! :-)

FuguesStateKnits said...

Oh Lord, I don't know if it's the lateness of the hour or the fact that I'm on my second rather large glass of vino, but I keep hearing in my head the Paul McCartney/Wings song "Band on the Run," and all I can think of is what my brother-in-law said to my mother-in-law when she asked him what the song was about. He said "It's about a bunch of guys getting away from their mothers."
Sorry. It's been a rough week!
I think you get support that perhaps your respective muscle groups aren't getting?
Anyone from the medical provession (whom we can trust) here?
OK, good night. I'll try to behave now.

joannamauselina said...

I think Joan is right. If I wear support hose to work, I feel a lot better after eight hours of walking around, than if I don't. I am assuming that it is a matter of circulation. Also when I have sore wrists, I wear an elastic bandage, and that is helpful. That, I think is because of the muscle (or whatever - maybe tendons) support. Bottom line - if it feels good, do it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin, I was reading your blog today and then later looking for info on othostatic intolerance. Since pressure garments came up on both I thought I'd comment. The information mentions hat "Pressure garments can reduce symptoms associated with orthostatic intolerance by constricting blood pressures with external body pressure."
I could be making 5 out of 2+2 but just in case it's useful I thought I'd pass it on.