Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Thursday we went into Peterborough to return the coffee machine. We are most impressed with John Lewis who replaced it with anew one, no quibbles and no receipt! We thought they would just repair it.

We also went into Marks and Spencer as I was hoping to get some more coloured gloves. None in stock. However, they have clearly been reading by blog where I bemoan the lack of colour in men's clothing. They had a series of polo shirts in bright colours. I got a red one, a blue, a green, a purple, a yellow (all primary) and a paler pink one.

I also bought Kaffe Knits Again from John Lewis. In the knitting department the Rowan rep was impressed by my knitting and so was an enthusiastic customer. Janet, who works there too, knows me as a customer and she introduced me to them.As result I was asked for my telephone number and asked if I would attend the workshop on the 14th May because the 'ladies would love to meet you and have you teach them'. I am flattered but not sure about attending yet.

On Friday, I flipped at John. I had been having a nap and he was busy doing stuff downstairs. Now we have lived with dogs and puppies for 28 years together, so he really ought to know by now that if he is occupied he must put the puppies away. he didn't and they chewed up my new Kaffe book which he put within their reach.

Now I can sit and knit and watch tv and still know what the dogs are up to and where they are. Not John. If he is watching tv or reading or doing his tapestry, the dogs don't exist. I was just so annoyed with him for letting the destroy my book which I had ummed and aaheed over buying, with him persuading me to, because it was a lot of money just to look at pretty pictures of knitwear. He made it worse by saying it was 'just a book'!!! And he is an historian and librarian and archivist and I doubt very much if I allowed the dogs to chew one his precious tomes he would think was just a book!

On Sunday I went to a dog show with Micah and Whitney. Whitney won her class of 12 and Micah was 2nd of two in his. That was a surprise but it just goes to show you can never tell what will happen.

Tomorrow, Wednesday. Lia (Kushnir Nord ) from Germany and Jane Schade from Eindhoven, Holland are coming to visit for a couple of days. We met via the Sicknitters list. We all spent Xams 07 together and we have now visited with Lia and Lui 3 times and Jane twice (though always at Lia and Lui's German home). Jane and Lia are American but I don't hold that against them. Someone has to be and at least they aren't RR! ;-)

I have two pairs of socks on the go, one for me and one for John. A preview below. I don't need to tell which are for John, though I was surprised at his colour choice. Perhaps he is getting adventurous?

Swimming is still proving to be painful though not so much so today and I did a few more than I have since I got back for Hungary.

The morphine is not for me. At first it did make me feel quite nice, and sleepy, and I was aware of little else and just enjoyed the relaxation and sleep. That wore of very quickly, by the third dose. I then noticed it wasn't dealing with the pain and certainly wasn't lasting all night. So I took 20 mgs next time and that was a disaster. Agitation, fitful sleep and waking with sever gut pain. Guess what? All common side effects and still I had the usual pain on top of it. So bye bye Ms Morphia. I am so glad I did not take it on our holiday. I wonder what will happen come the day I need very strong pain relief? Is there an alternative to Morphine? I was under the impression that morphine was the top of the ladder.


BammerKT said...

I love both pairs of socks! My husband never picks the adventurous colors either. Navy blue, grey, dark brown, BORING! It's nice that John picked a brighter color this time.

Sheila said...

Methadone is pretty much the top of the ladder. It is effective and a long acting medication. I love the bright blue sock!

Pam West said...

did you mean sicknitters in your post Colin??
Pam x