Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday was a wonderful day. One could almost have believed I was cured. Yes, a relatively pain free day and no pain drugs. The sun shone all day, the patio doors and lounge windows were left open all day, the dogs wandered in and out as they pleased.

I bathed Nechung, Luque, James, Carly and Little Dorrit. I almost stuffed the day by losing my balance and falling head first into the bath much to Nechung's displeasure judging from the disdainful look she gave me. Thankfully I have only bruised my right forearm slightly.

Jane and Lia arrived late because of a train malfunction, ( typical UK train) and I picked them up at 6.30pm and took them to their hotel from where they called me once they had freshened up.

I hadn't really thought about it, but of course they wanted to see my yarn and machines. Yes, they will confirm I do indeed have an enormous stash. I demonstrated the various patterns one of my machines could do. This got all of our juices flowing. It made me realise how little of the capabilities of my machines I actually use and I started to form ideas for garments.

We all decided that today all we would do is pay a visit to Storey's and then hang out at my house with the yarn and machines.

I made a chicken casserole in the slow cooker for us and Jane and Lia enjoyed that. Phew!

I am knitting the toe of a new sock even though I have two pairs going already but I had an idea I wanted to see. I am only increasing on one side of the toe, as this is how my foot is shaped. So the side that would be over my big tow is the side I knit straight, and the other side is the side I am increasing on. Once I have knitted enough rounds after the toe, I shall put it on and see what I think.
I was disappointed with Vienna. I took plenty of photographs, more to come, of art, but the city itself was dull. I expected something much more like Paris. It always seemed to me to be a romantic city, with wide avenues and beautiful old architecture . It was pretty much like many other places we have seen, complete with MacDonald's and your usual chain shops.

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anachronist said...

Hi Colin, I try again and hope,that blogger does not tell me again, that I have to try again later.

I loved the architecture in Vienna.
I just was as disappointed as you, that all the romantic novels we were forced to read in the german literature courses were displaying a Vienna long gone apparently.

We made the getting from place to place with streetcars and busses, and a lot of walking and it really shows it is a big city as any other one. I liked the butterfly house we were at though, and some other little things like the Dali exhibition and the faun statue we saw in the window of a cafe.