Wednesday, April 08, 2009


It is John's 62nd birthday today.

I was up at 5am and in the pool by 7am. I didn't do many laps, this being the most painful swim I have ever had. However, I am very glad I did it and feel better now for it.

I had a difficult night's sleep. I also had the most odd dream. I dreamt I was speaking to someone whom I had hurt 30 years ago. I didn't know at the time I had nor did I know I had done anything wrong. I do now. I still find it very odd that I should dream this. It was a very logical dream, as if it were real. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Just me talking with the person and apologising for the pain I had caused them.

We have received a huge bill from some company that were called out, but then cancelled, to come and secure our house. This was done by the Police. I wrote and told them I did not authorise it and besides which they did no work and I was not going to pay £180 for nothing. Or rather John isn't. We need to get the times from the Police of the call and of the cancellation.

The damned coffee machine has broken down. This is the third bean to cup machine we have bought. This one worked fine until today. It was only bought in October. These machines cost 000's and are just not reliable. Really pisses me off.

I am almost done with my merino / bamboo socks. I really like the way the colour has distributed and the handle of this yarn is very good.


Iris said...

Crappos on the security company, but a very happy birthday to John.

Yarnhog said...

Happy Birthday, John!

FuguesStateKnits said...

Colin, you're going to think me crazy - but the term "taking the plunge" in the US often refers to getting married. With all the talk recently of gay marriage being legalized in Iowa and Vermont and same sex families receiving greater rights in Washington, D.C. and even in Merlin (marriage is still considered the province of state and not national law), I thought you and John were "taking the plunge," LOL! Happy Birthday, John! And many many more:)

fairy godmother said...

Happy Birthday to John! :-)

Kerry said...

Happy, happy birthday John!!!

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Busted coffee makers are no fun. People who sell crap home security systems.... even less fun.

On the bright side: Happy birthday :)

Macy from Buffalo, NY said...

Colin, like FSK, I thought you and John were getting married when I saw the blogpost title!
Anyway, happy birthday to John and best wishes to you both that you will be able to share many more birthday celebrations together!