Monday, April 27, 2009


Whitney the day before her big win.
Her dad.
Bridget stuck in the trellis. She has stopped getting into the flower bed now....(her full name is TANTRA'S HELLO SAILOR)
Carly. If you ave been paying attention you will know that Carly was known as Little Dorrit. However the Kennel Club declined that name and they called her Carly. As Bridget was called Carly that was a problem. Rather than deal with bureaucracy, I just changed the names of the puppies. They have learned their new names already.(Tantra's Carly)
James pretending to not care but having a sly peak. (TANTRA'S SAILOR SAILOR)

Micah has gone to live with Mr and Mr West. They fell for him, and him for them, when they came to buy his granddaughter, Phoebe. Yesterday we went to have lunch with them and took Micah with us and left him there. He is the only male there with 3 neutered females.

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Susan said...

What a lovely bunch of puppies. Their sweet faces must be such a comfort. Whitney is a stunner!