Thursday, April 30, 2009


I tried something different last night. I took two slow release Tramadol (200mg)and I awoke not in pain. I then took paracetamol / codeine when I got up at 5am. My swim went very well, the best I have had for ages.

I have to stay in today because I am expecting a delivery of an Ipod (120gb) and a Sony DSLR A200. These are being sent as replacements, by the insurance company, for the ones that were stolen. It seems that 35mm film camera's are hard to source now. It was a film camera that was stolen. We will also get a cheque in the post to cover everything else.

I have to say that our insurers, AXA, have handled this very well. Trouble free and no arguing. We have not lost out financially.

I wrote to Accor Hotels to complain about the 'handicapped' room we were given in Salzburg. The only thing they had done was put bars around the loo,and the room itself was too small for a wheelchair user.

I was very surprised to get a response back refunding our stay there and also giving us a free weekend in Vienna to be taken up till April 29th 2010.

We have always used Accor Hotels (Mecure, Sofitel, Novotel, Ibis etc) since we started to travel on the mainland. They are very good and well priced. I usually book online.

James and Bridget are doing very well at ringcraft. Amazingly so. Both move very well and have just about got the hang of standing still when the 'judge' goes over them.

I have plenty more photographs of our trip to blog. It just takes time for me to edit the photographs. Oh, the camera that is coming is better than the one I already have, so that too is a bonus.

I have stopped knitting John's socks until he gets home and tries them on. He said they were fine when I had done the foot up the heel but now I have gone past the heel, they are tight over my instep. Perhaps he has less wide feet than me.

I am past the heel on the two Poison Apple socks and also on the Lorna's Lace Road Gerry. I am part up the foot on the Lorna's Lace Andersonville and also on the sock using Nana's yarn.

I have knitted up to the armholes on the raglan garter stitch sweater on the machine.

Julia Warner of Snowtalia Lhasa Apso took this picture of me and Micah in the ring at Cruft's.


Iris said...

I'm hoping you have found the answer to your medication techniques.

Now, I am laughing quite a bit as I say this next: Wouldn't your iPod work ever so much better with a Macintosh computer? (remember - I'm laughing)

You look fabulous in your ring attire. People here have started to "dress down" for dog meets. It's a pity, if you ask me. (and you KNOW I'll tell them if they do ask)

anachronist said...

Wow, so many socks in progress, will there be pictures? or will you wait till they are all finished?

Salzburg hotel refund is nice, but will you go to Vienna again?

Seems I am in an asking mood today :-)

I love the snapshot of the ring presentation.
This coat just seems to be made for you.

joannamauselina said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, and that the insurance company treated you well. I had the same experience after my burglary. It made it a tiny bit less awful. You look adorable in your ring attire. Congratulations again.