Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I couldn't go swimming today, I was far too sore when I awoke.

I went to the optometrist and my eyes have altered yet again. They vary from -3.25 to -2.25 any given year! This time they were -2.50 and -2.75. I am having my bifocals redone but with the reading part left clear (or almost - it has to be slightly prescription cos I have astigmatism). I am fed up with still having to take my glasses off to do close work.

I have bathed Luque and Whitney. She is below with coat dressing on after her bath. She really is the most beautiful dog and a lovely character. Long before she was shown, I knew I would not be parting with this one. I have allowed myself to really feel close to her. Scary. She clearly adores me. She lies there staring into my face. When we were away, she didn't eat. She know sleeps with me and is so gentle., She again lays her head close to mine and falls asleep staring at me. (Luque is barred because he keeps kicking me to move over and he pants in my face!)

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FuguesStateKnits said...

She's an old soul, isn't she?
Whoever said animals don't have souls is/was a moron!