Saturday, February 13, 2010


This house is full of stuff. The flat is full of stuff. Too much stuff. We need to get rid of stuff. So today that is what we are going to do, sort out stuff and dump stuff. Some stuff will be sent to the charity shops (like manual wheelchair, books and other stuff. Any usual stuff.) Other stuff will go to the tip.

This ought to leave us more room for stuff.

I detest the blister packs my drugs come in. So f*cking difficult to get that damn pill out without breaking it or dropping it. Look at the size of the blister compared to the pill!pill This is just on of the 22 pills a day I take. I did ask that I have them in bottles but no, that seems to be against some rule or other but I could have them in a little tray marked off for each day of the week. Not only would I have to get a weekly refill but they couldn’t get all my drugs in it anyway! F*cking bureaucrats! I don’t have children so it is perfectly safe to give the drugs in bottles. One of my drugs comes in a bottle anyway as I only get 10 at a time of them.

I came up with my own solution. I realised that the plastic waterproof tubs I use for my dyes would be perfect for keeping my drugs in. So last night, having taken enough to enable my hands to do it, I proceeded to get hundreds of the things out of those blister packs and into these tubs. It has freed up an awful lot of space (for more stuff) in my drug drawer. I no longer have to hunt through the packs for the one I want. You see, I would tip all the blister packs out of their boxes and into the drawer because it was the only I could get them all to fit. When I pick up my drugs, I am given two carrier bags full so you get the idea. Anyway, though it left my hands bloody sore, I have at least found a good solution that the bureaucrats can go ‘expletive’ themselves.

Which brings me neatly to my next dose of rambling.

Until recently, I was unaware that one of the main tenants of conservative politics was small government. I am all for less government interference in our lives. The govt since ‘97 has brought in more and more control laws. They are now even going to legislate to make it difficult for me to follow my dog showing/breeding hobby. They interfere far far too much.

So anyway, you’d think that would mean I will go and vote Conservative? Well no because despite that basic tenant, I believe they are lying about it. What they really mean is THEY do not want to have Government interfere with them (the rich) but they will interfere with the rest of us. The last lot DID interfere. Section 28 for instance. The Cons would never have brought in same sex marriage. Despite what they are saying now, I don’t believe they have changed. I have yet to meet a conservative who is truly for equal rights for all. I have yet to meet one who is aware that meritocracy doesn’t work for all sorts of reasons but mainly because we are not all equal in ability and brain power and physical health.

Put simply I really do believe in small government but I don’t believe in the Cons (Republicans). Yet I am completely turned off Labour(democrats) because they INTERFERE too much. We have the Lib Dems here and well I think they are off their rockers. Mr Cable thinks a tax ought to be brought upon those whose homes are worth more than a million. This tax would be something like £25,000 a year. Grossly unfair! Many of these homes are owned by people of low means and the only reason their house is worth that much is because during the 30 or so years they have lived in it, it has appreciated. Now where will these people find £25,000 a year to pay in tax? Pull the other one.

I don’t trust them I certainly don’t trust Cameron. I did do. i thought that having a disabled child, who died, had made him aware of ordinary people’s needs. I was stupid to think that. I have since found out that this man voted against the equalising of the age of consent for str8’s and gays and supported section 28. Now we are expected to think he is our friend. Plus, maybe his fiddling of expenses was only small but he still did along with most of the rest of the MP’s but we are now overlooking this.

I might have had a really good day on Thursday but was back to normal on Friday. It would seem I really can’t do more than 3 times week swimming now.

Friday was weird. I had to use my stick indoors mainly because my balance was really off. My hands refused to work properly and I cut myself deeply and then scalded myself. (Today the scald is a livid pink so I guess it was almost bad.) I also felt wounded all day. Quiet and still inside but wounded. I think this is just another version of flashbacks. I didn’t experience any of the waking nightmare stuff. No sudden memories surfaced. Yet I felt the aftermath. I can’t really explain it any better than to say it feels like I am wounded and all I want to do is go to bed and curl into a ball and sleep.

We will go to Pannini’s shortly for brunch. I always enjoy that. The it will be back home for stuff dumping.


Brigitte said...

Hi Colin,
as I see it, the "cons" want to be in power, then keep everybody else out. Hm, come to think about it, the other ones are the exact same... what was I going to say?
I don't trust politicians of any flavor as far as I can toss them. I always say that when people will look back on the early 21st century, they will call it "the age of corruption".
Yay for tossing stuff - you got to get more room for the dyeing materials, no? lol

Susie said...

Good luck with the stuff dumping. I always feel a sense of renewal when I do a major clean like that.

Anonymous said...

Colin, make sure you write your drug names on their pots - too easy to forget when you have a lot.
Incidentally, "the law" now states that all drugs have to be dispensed in a stapled down paper bag, even if it is only one little packet that you can slip in a pocket.....

Linda in Alameda, CA, said...

Colin - next time you are at your drug store, get a bottle of aloe vera gel. Keep it in the kitchen where you can reach it easily and quickly. It is unbeatable for treating burns of any kind. You just slather some of it on the burn immediately, and it starts working right away.

Annick said...

I have the same problem with my drug, and every evening, I finish on my knees looking for that dirty pill in case Elliot comes and eats it. I am not sure Ribavirine would suits him !