Thursday, February 11, 2010


I think I need to see the Doctor. I am feeling well. Seriously. I am. It took me a while to realise why I feel so odd. I am not used to this. I think I need to lie down.

I had a rest yesterday. I posted off eight hanks of yarn and I dyed two more. I still have four to post and I may do so later today.

I received the first disc of the first season of Dollhouse via the post. I watched it for 14min and 23 secs before I decide it was not my cup of tea at all. Pity. The idea is good but poorly executed.

I have been watching Kingdom with Stephen Fry in the lead role of Mr Kingdom, solicitor (lawyer). It is well done. Gentle, whimsical, reminds me a bit of Murder She Wrote only much better. (Gosh anyone recall Hart to Hart? Ms Powers was beautiful.)

I am going to start offering cashmere scarves via my blog. I will NOT take orders. I will knit them and place them here and you can buy or not buy. They will be either 100% Mongolian Cashmere or 80% Mong. Cashmere with 20% nylon.(you won’t know the difference.) All will be pre treated so will be very soft and machine washable on 30c delicate. You can even tumble dry them.

What else? Let me see. Um, no I haven’t found the answers to life and death. No cure for cancer. It seems I have pretty much found the answer that makes me happy to be alive now. Can’t tell you exactly what it is but I do know it had everything to do with freeing myself from the Fundy thinking that blighted all my attempts to live well. Belief really is everything. I am only where I am now because I changed what I believed. Namely, I came to believe I was a good and worthy person and that the beliefs of others (an my own) were mere ideas, not TRUTH. No matter what they say about it. No one knows THER TRUTH. NO ONE. No matter how fervently they believe they do. And remember that those preachers who can whip up a crowned into ecstasy have the same talent as Hitler and are using the same techniques. It isn’t love or mystique. It is called manipulation and we know where it leads. Georgetown. Twin Towers. Holocaust. The Killing Fields.

There is only one person who can ‘save’ you and that is yourself. Only one person who can pay your debts. You. Only one person who can change you. You. There is only one person you CAN change. You. That is all you have to do to live in a better world than the one you live in. Change. You.

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