Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I slept okay and got up later than usual. Let the dogs out, made my coffee, let the dogs in, then came to pc to do my banking and emails etc. When I went back down stairs the little darlings had my cashmere scarves and inside out sheep gloves! Bridget was busy eating the thumb. I rescued it and hopefully Bridget knows that next time she doe sit, she goes to the pet food factory.

I then felt like machine knitting. So I proceeded to knit the front piece of a mandarin coloured cashmere sweater. I buggered up the math which I did not realise until I was doing something else and it just popped into my head. I have de-knitted it now using my electric cone wider which I have now found works really well and is producing a properly wound cone because I have the thingamajig set just right-finally! It hasn’t been right a for a long time and I have been using the hand winder.

I also felt strong enough to go for a short walk. I took the dogs. Now I would like to know how they know. I have not taken them for a walk for weeks, in fact not this year I think. There was nothing I did differently other than just THINK I shall take the dogs out. With that thought, the dogs start to get excited, howl and run back and forth to the front door.

We are supposed to find out our situation with the IRS this week. I hope so. I want an end to this.

My burn is proving more a hindrance than I at first thought. Trying to remember to keep it dry and also trying to type when my right index finger is so fat is not easy! Mind you, it doesn’t matter with the machine knitting and in fact proves beneficial there because it prevents me getting a sore tip when transferring from one bed to the other.

I order a pair of Zoggs swim trunks online. I liked the fit. When my previous pair went, I bought a pair of Speedos a while back and they last me a few swims. When I complained to the shop, I was told they were not meant for pool swimming because the chlorine rots the fabric!!!! Pardon? This is BRITAIN! Where else am I going to f*cking swim? In the freezing north sea? I so, I’d only need to use them once cos I’d not be around for a second attempt! FOOL! So bugger Speedo’s. I found an online retailer of Zoggs and they fit well and were cheaper than the shop bought Speedo’s which were not good anyway.

I also had bought a nice looking pair of underwear. The box was enticing, the model showing how the underwear looked on, was just right. I late returned them to shop and asked for my money back. They wanted to know why so I told them they should be ashamed of themselves for such false advertising. When I put the underpants on, I looked NOTHING like the man of the cover. I told them they would have to take my word for it as I was not about to show them. I just wanted my money back….

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