Thursday, December 05, 2013


I have not forgotten the original purpose of this blog being about surviving abuse. This last two years have been very full plus I had an unexpected BP episode myself. THAT really threw everything in the air but I am feeling  like I can start writing again and perhaps with some more insight.

I won't be doing so this evening as I am tired and need to rest. 

I will remind of a few things:

1. You were abused because there something wrong with your abuser and not with you. It was them not you.

2. it is very rare to get an acknowledgement from the abuser let alone an apology. You don';t neeed it anyway to have a happy life.

3. Hanging to anger and bitterness will ruin your life and the abuser will have won.

4. Having a good and happy life is by far the best  revenge there is. Nothing else will do.