Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lucky Boy

I just uploaded new yarns to: KNITMAN’S KITCHEN

I am having a quiet day today. Drugs, knitting and dvd’s. What a life! ;-)

Once we know what the IRS is doing , and assuming it is okay, we want to go to Barcelona. We had been told by an English woman who answered the phone at an accommodation agency that it was not good for wheelchair users. So went to Budapest instead which was definitely not good for wheelchair users! Anyway, we have since met a couple who had just come back from Barcelona and the man was disabled too and they said Barcelona was excellent and I would have no trouble getting around. Lesson: do not ask an able bodied person about disabled facilities.

We would also like a long weekend in Edinburgh.

All of this, if we can do it, has to fit around pregnancies. No one is in season yet. Going away will have to be during gestation as after the puppies are born, that will be it, no going away.

Luque is going to be pleased as we have at least 3 bitches coming to him and possibly 4.

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Iris said...

Happy little Luque!!!

If you go to Scotland, I shall be most envious!