Monday, February 15, 2010


To day has been very nice. Quiet. No swimming. I had thought to go but John thought that even with a rubber glove on my burned hand, it would get wet and he also thought I should rest this week. So I did as was suggested. For today at least. This is quite a bore trying to remember to not get it wet. It is my right hand so I do EVERYTHING ( yes, even THAT, so keeping clean is not easy) with it. My own stupid fault. My hands have been crap for a long time now and I know I can’t lift anything heavy, especially not a pot of very hot liquid. My hand actually looks fine, with my middle finger a little red but my index raw and bloody looking. Well covered up and i managed to repeat the method of yesterday when wrapping it back up so I could knit with no problems.

My dear friend Marilyn, old bag, came to see me today and brought me some beautiful flowers. I don’t know that they are but they are pretty. White trumpet type heads with red/pink shot through with those long stamen things in the middle of the heads. Maybe lilies? I had been thinking of her all weekend as I had not heard for a while so when she called today to say she would pop over on her way home, I was not really surprised. Marilyn is lovely. Funny, kind, caring, not at all up herself, benign.

I stopped knitting my aran and washed what I had done so far. I now know I need fewer stitches. Yes doing this takes time but so much better than knitting a whole aran on 2.75mm needles only to find it is too large or too small.


Iris said...

What a wonderful gift! That's one thoughtful old bag. :)

marilyn said...

Old bag yourself!!!!
...but thank you kindly for the other character traits!!
So lovely to see you-am still not sure about the hat though, but no doubt you will look your usual gorgeous self when you get the rest of your garb on!!
The flowers are Amarylis I think-chosen with care-flamboyant and very colourful-just like the man they were bought for.
Hope that the finger improves quickly.
Speak soon
Lots of love
Marilyn xx