Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have John set to work putting up more shelves in the kitchen. See how much I love him? I prevent him getting bored. Nothing worse than boredom.

I mean during the week he is busy busy busy. Meetings, giving talks, travelling and what happens when he gets home?


I fix that and make sure he has plenty to do.

A change is as good as a rest they say.

After all my week is hard too. It is quite a hard task thinking up things to keep him occupied when he is here.


Iris said...

This is a most amusing post!

Yarnhog said...

Don't they say "Idle hands are the Devil's workshop?" I firmly believe in keeping my husband's hands--and the rest of him--well occupied. ;)

HunterXan said...

Ah, Colin, you are so good to him! I hope he fully appreciates all you do for him!

Unknown said...

And what would the shelves be for??

Susie said...

John truly is a lucky man having you at home thinking of ways to keep boredom at bay.

anachronist said...


just so you know, I fnd it funny, what you wrote.

Or parallels in how our life changes arevisible again.

My week was filled with a stealth project, I am working at every day at the moment, and it is exhausting, but rewarding. Then I feel like cleaning all the grime in the kitchen, do some yummy baking (for others, who dont have that many allergies). Geeting things done, feeling accomplished and chasing around Nils :-)

Both of us feel as free as never before, even though there are many things to accomplish.

Onwards with a happy, fulfilling life despite the gloomy past.