Monday, February 01, 2010


My swim went very well today. I was lost in thought and swam more than my usual amount of laps. I know this because I kept my usual pace and when I stopped I had been swimming for 15 minutes longer than usual.

I have done more dyeing and plan to do some more today. I have found that even ‘just dyeing’ leaves me fatigued. I find the fatigue far more annoying to deal with than the pain. The pain I can handle, fatigue frustrates me. I do not like being hindered. Bugger all I can do about it.

I have had nice emails from people who received yarn from and have used it. Phew!

How about those arrogant *)(&^% people trying to take children from Haiti? Honestly, and people wonder why Fundy Xtians have a bad reputation. How dare they? Well, at least they have been stopped and have discovered that being American and a ‘Xtian’ doesn’t give them carte blanche to do as they wish.

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