Monday, February 01, 2010


My swim went very well today. I was lost in thought and swam more than my usual amount of laps. I know this because I kept my usual pace and when I stopped I had been swimming for 15 minutes longer than usual.

I have done more dyeing and plan to do some more today. I have found that even ‘just dyeing’ leaves me fatigued. I find the fatigue far more annoying to deal with than the pain. The pain I can handle, fatigue frustrates me. I do not like being hindered. Bugger all I can do about it.

I have had nice emails from people who received yarn from and have used it. Phew!

How about those arrogant *)(&^% people trying to take children from Haiti? Honestly, and people wonder why Fundy Xtians have a bad reputation. How dare they? Well, at least they have been stopped and have discovered that being American and a ‘Xtian’ doesn’t give them carte blanche to do as they wish.


Iris said...

Sometimes we in the U.S. (and not JUST the fundamentalists) forget that ANYTHING the U.S. wants to do is not necesarilly what the country involved really needs or wants. We're so quick to say we "know what's best" we forget to ask. I want the Haitians to have the assistance they want and need, but just because we THINK we're helping, doesn't always make it so. No wonder we're often called "ugly."

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad I live under ONE of the best governments in the world. I just think we need to use a little bit of restraint.

anachronist said...

Isnt the fatigue the most annoying thing in the world?
I hope, you have good days and can achieve the "workload" you are aiming for.

Little Dragon Designs said...

I agree that the fatigue is the worse. Made even more so by having drowsiness a side effect of almost every drug they give me. I can do one small sink of dishes then have to sit down for an hour. Very frustrating. And it's causing me to make mistakes in my knitting.