Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Both the British and Australian governments have apologised for the appalling way they took children form their homes, lied to them that their parents were dead, and packed them off to Australia as good ‘white stock’ to populate Australia (and Canada).

These poor children were sent to children’s ‘homes’ run by nuns and the RC church and were subjected to horrifying abuse of a physical, sexual and emotional nature.

Needless to say the nuns, priests, church have remained silent.


FugueStateKnits said...

Retch retch retch vomit vomit.
All in the name of what? God? Not my God!

Natalie L. said...

Of course it's never going to be enough just saying sorry. We aren't taught this happened, and I only happened to find out. It's pretty horrible to say the least. But it's something to say it happened and a small sorry. I'm not sure if the Americans have officially said anything about how wrong it was to put the American Indians in schools to try to erase their culture and language.

The crappy things people do, expecially with the blanket of God over it, huh?