Thursday, February 25, 2010


Shameless has finally uncrossed her legs and come into season. Will collect her tomorrow. She will stay with us now and go back when her puppies and left the nest to new homes and I have kept one or two (hopefully). Then she will be spayed.

It looks as though Barcelona will have to wait but we can do Edinburgh at some point in the next 8 weeks if Tax man pulls his finger out.

Am up on the dogs this week, all bathed that needed to be. Now I am going to dye. I have some lovely superwash merino at 433m to 100g to dye.

Another handful of hanks went to their new homes this week. This is going far better than I dreamt it would. I get a great deal of satisfaction from doing it and I am terribly flattered that people like my work so much.

Dont’ forget to check out KNITMAN’S KITCHEN for new yarns.

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