Saturday, February 27, 2010


We went into town and ate brunch at Pannini’s as we do most Saturday’s now. Unfortunately, the heavens opened on the way thru town afterwards and we got drenched. I was worried that Daniel would either short or give me a shock but it seems they prepared for the eventuality of rain and he continued to work. I am still cold though, despite being home two hours now.

I just bought this:bg1911148219422jsw_pm47-16t Isn’t she lovely? She will sit on my bedside table.

I also bought a really nice silk dressing gown on sale, ridiculously cheap. I then had to buy real pj’s to go with it! So I guess it wasn’t that much of a bargain after all!

Shameless has settled right in as if she has never been away. Amazing. Gone a year and yet it is as if she hadn’t ever gone.

When we got Shameless from Dawn last night, Dawn commented how she could not understand how some people who read my blog, the bits about abuse, could leave such hate-filled comments. I told her I get quite a few and delete them now. I am astonished too but abusers are not rare people! They are all over and so of course they would be reading this too. I just think I am lucky to not be suffering the way are.

The pain of yesterday is still with me. I guess I am having a flare. Even though the temps are up to 7-9c I am still so cold and yet my house is heated and I am wearing my usual thermal layers. Weird.

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BammerKT said...

Your new lamp is just beautiful! And I am always surprised at the amount of hate people have. I've been listening to a book (a novel) that is making me realize that hate is the root of all evil. It's at the bottom of all the ugly in the world. Now, how to fix it???