Friday, February 19, 2010


Today has been a strange day. I have felt melancholy all day. Quiet and peaceful but sad. I think because of the work I did last night. I am glad I did it and glad I chose to did it the way I did. I have been building up to this for quite a while I suppose and now I have started to talk the way I know I am meant to. After all I can’t get my message across if I don’t give myself with it and express where I have come from and where I am now. How can I impart my healing if I don’t offer it up for them?

I have already had a email message about last night and my new approach has had the effect I was after on at least one person.

I can only offer up what I know to be true and my own experience,and my interpretations of such, is all I know to be true. So that is what I talk about without all the skirting around the issues I was doing, avoiding being too open about my life. Through fear really, no other reason.

I am an excellent example of how belief can really f*ck one up!  One’s own and the beliefs of others. And how changing one’s beliefs can allow one to be re-born, to be free, to live. This is the central message of Spirit and I know it is true so that is what I must speak of.


I have dyed four hanks today. One superwash merino, hand painted, one alpaca, silk cashmere, hand painted and two merino/silk (800m/100g) single colour dye baths. The single colour dyeing is a pain! Yet I have sold several now so I guess people want them. I have bought a small scale that measures in 0.1g which makes it to colour mix. The two solids are colours I made up this way.

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Anonymous said...

It is important to know what you do or don't believe, or at least to know that you don't know, as opposed to just having someone else's beliefs put upon you. Know who you are and do not allow others to tell you otherwise.

Be well, my friend.