Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have written to the MP, Shaid Malik, to express my dismay and disappointment at his speech, the video of which is in the previous post here. I pointed out I would feel the same way had he called for a completely Xtian, Jewish, Hindu or whatever parliament.

I can no longer vote Labour and this leaves me without a party, that as a gay man, I can feel safe with.

I find it truly frightening that we are all sleepwalking back into the Dark Ages. We are allowing Religious Fundamentalists to rob us of our hard won freedoms. Freedom of Speech is essential in a Democracy and this  no longer exists. It’s a bit like being pregnant-either you are or you aren’t. Since it is illegal to publicly denounce religion, we no longer have freedom of speech. Yet a Muslim, here in Britain, can call for death to all homosexuals and he is not even reprimanded. Xtians can spew hatred towards us and nothing is done. Call their beliefs idiotic and evil and see what happens.

We will go back to the times when women and children were property. When women and children could be killed upon the whim of  a man. This is happening NOW in the ME do don’t think it is an exaggeration.Xtian fundamentalists are no different. They want the country run by Biblical law decided upon and administered by men of course.

We are letting people do what Hitler failed to do! And we do it in the name of tolerance!

I have never dared ask this question in public before but now I am going to. Where were the Muslims demonstrating when 9/11 and 7/7 happened? Where were they? Where was their condemnation of these evil acts? Maybe you wonder too because like me you certainly recall their demonstrations and violence over a f*cking cartoon!

The rest of us are so busy trying to appear not racist and ever so PC that we are effectively shutting up the voice of reason. It will soon be too late. Religious Fundamentalist are winning and they are doing so because we are letting them. We are tolerating the intolerable and the intolerant.

All it needs for Evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

Our freedom is at stake. This is not about which religion is correct. It is not even about religion vs atheism.

It is about liberty and justice for all. We are losing them….fast.

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Iris said...

I guess I'd better go listen to the last two videos. I listened to the first two and had to stop for breakfast. I'm going back to check it out!!! The first two sounded fairly reasonable to me. Is this GB's very own Rush Limbaugh?