Thursday, February 11, 2010


It has taken a while but I am about to start to cast on the final draft of my Aran sweater. I have removed the twisted stitch centre panel. It didn’t work in this weight of yarn. At least my design didn’t. It was a diamond with vertical accents in the middle of the diamond. Too much of purl background.

I washed the final swatch, measured it and cast on 282 stitches for the front piece. Once I had knitted about 30 rows I knew it was going to be too wide so I have scrapped it and will cats on 252 instead. I liek the design I came up with. Nothing new in the way of pattern formation, just a combination of already existing stitch patterns.

It will not take me as long as I feared either. I pattern on every 4th row (or is it 5th?) and just do knit and purl rows in between. I am using 2.75mm Addi Lace circular needle and Baby Ull which is 375m per 100g. Ecru in colour.

I have a light lilac cashmere scarf almost completed and will offer it for sale either later tonight or tomorrow.

I still have a number hanks to ball and rehank.

Tomorrow, Jack the local ‘man who does’ is going to replace the trellis that cuts our long garden in half. The back half is grass, the front is all paved. At the base of the trellis are long wooden troughs for plants. The back garden remains shut (gate in the middle of trellis) during the winter, wet weather and when we need to use both because boys and girls can’t go out together in case they shag.

Well, Bridget has taught herself how to get through the trellis. She takes great delight in doing this. She then digs in the trough and comes up all muddy and ick. She has also taught Edna how to except Edna couldn’t get back through the trellis. I am amazed she got thru in the first place since she is bigger than Bridget.

Jack will replace the trellis with another trellis that has holes that are too small for dogs to get through. That will fox them. All I need now is for Bridget to figure out how to climb over. Don’t dismiss it, I have had dogs before that somehow climbed a six foot fence. Climb they did too, I saw him do it and still don’t believe it.


Nickki said...

Ok Colin,
I found your link and read through some of your posts, particularly the one from the 6th. So explain this to me, you aren't an atheist, but you don't believe in God? What does that mean?

Yarnhog said...

I used to put our Newfie in the laundry room when she was a puppy and we needed to isolate her, as she was too big for a crate. She would scratch at the door and cry to get out. One day, I heard a different sort of noise and stood outside the door watching as she opened the door by working the lever with her mouth!

Unknown said...

Go, Bridget, go! That's my girl.

Lol said...

I love fine knitting particularly cables. Any chance of a pic???