Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The reason I am against faith schools is because it is an abuse of children, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to teach them WHAT to think, and not how to think.

The role of an educator and establishments of education is to teach children HOW to think. It is a crime to do otherwise.

We see the evil that results from teaching children WHAT to think all around us.


Iris said...

Are these schools publicly funded? If so, I think it's a travesty. There's always a push here in the U.S. to provide "assistance" to parochial and church schools. So far, very little has been provided. However, these church sponsored schools already enjoy a tax free status and, so, have a financial head start over other private schools. I understand the terms "private" and "public" schools are reversed from ours in the UK. Here, private means parents pay for their students to go to school and public means they children go free.

Unknown said...

Yes, Iris, the Tax payers pay for these Faith Schools.

Yarnhog said...

I had a very good friend who sent her kids to Catholic school. When I asked her if it bothered her that her children are being indoctrinated to believe what they are told without challenging it, she said, "No! That's exactly what I like about it." I was appalled. The goal of education should be to teach people to think independently. I want my kids to challenge everything, including me. If their school tried to do what the religious schools do, I would yank them out so fast it would make your head spin. But I guess parents have the right to make those decisions for their children, because there is no one more qualified to do it, especially the government. (Which, by the way, is why I am also pro-choice; I am not pro-abortion, but I do not think there is anyone who has a greater right to make that decision than the woman herself.)