Thursday, February 04, 2010


I am knitting a large swatch for an Aran sweater done on 2.25mm needles. It will take time of course but I have that. No point in knitting up a thick one when I don’t really wear thick ones.

My yarn dyeing is going well and selling well still.

On Sunday, I ordered two new Niddy Noddy ‘s and neither has yet arrived. I have just had a ‘shipped’ email for one of them. I hate crap service. I have ordered two (from different suppliers) because they are of different sizes and therefore will make hanks of different sizes and therefore I will be able to dye in more varied ways. That is the idea, anyway.

I am on my third book in the Power of Five series, Necropolis. I am enjoying these books very much and do not quite understand why they have been limited by being marketed purely as youth fiction. They are not written differently to fiction for adults so it seems that to limit them like this is doing no one any favours. Why must we label all the time?

I do rather enjoy House despite it being unbelievable. I think Hugh Laurie is very attractive in this which makes me wonder if I am on too many drugs. I can’t say I took any notice of him in that way before. I must say I cannot stand the character he is playing and he would be terrible relationship material but his unshaven appearance, those eyes and his tallness all appeal. Mind you, I often find that men improve with age. George Clooney was not what he is now when he was in that hospital comedy show years ago and yet by the time he was in ER and beyond, wow!

Quiet day today. Resting to make sure I am up to tonight’s demo in Bedford. Last evening, half thru drying Carly after her bath, I came over very weak and fatigued and could not complete her. Fortunately, she was almost done so she wasn’t left dripping wet. yet I had not felt so good in long time as I had on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with swimming each day being relatively easy.

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