Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I had have another excellent day. My swim went very well. My IBS is acting up but rather than interfere with my swimming, it seemed to Turbo charge it….I did more laps today than I have for months.

Last evening I dyed eight hanks. I thought it was seven but no, I count 8. Five I have posted (see previous entry below) and three I am still working on.

It would seem that our tax situation will be done and dusted within two weeks. I hope so. I hate this not knowing business. I have always preferred to know, even if it’s bad news. Like when I was waiting for my balls to get tested as I had a lump. Even if it had been a tumour, I wanted to KNOW. My GP is excellent and doesn’t leave me in the dark about anything. She has told me where my physical problems could lead, worse case scenario and I feel better knowing. (Oh in case you hadn’t figured it out, the lump was nothing.)

The Dr’s secretary gave us a fright yesterday. She telephoned to talk with John and i said she could talk with me which she argued with despite me telling her we had signed agreements to this effect-both of us could deal with either of us. Anyway, she said that John’s last respiratory tests caused concern and he had to go to the hospital as soon as he could get an appointment. She could not or would explain further so I had her tell John’s Dr to call me. She duly did. What the actual concern is that he is not as ill as he ought to be so they now are thinking of downgrading his disease, Emphysema, to Asthma. The secretary was a twit and clearly doesn’t’ know the first thing about how to talk with patients without frightening them! It would seem that as John’s BP goes up alarmingly whenever he is near a Dr, his chest is also affected. The day he had the test he had just arrived up from London too so that didn’t help. Basically, his test results say he is very much sicker than he is and once his Dr ascertained form that he was not lying, she is sure she wants the testes at the hospital. I don’t think it will make any difference to his drug regime.

Nechung is a weird dog. So much for having cancer. She seems to be more puppy like recently, more demanding, more active and still loves her food.

I am hoping to have puppies this year but none of the girls I plan to breed are in the mood. I think maybe the cold has put them off? I will only breed one of them, and then alter another of them. Maybe.It’s been over a year now since we last had puppies.

I just finished Season Three of House and it appears he got rid of his three young colleagues. From the blurb written on the box of Season Four, it does seem he really did. DO NOT TELL ME ANYTHING! I have yet to watch Season Four.

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Susie said...

I'm glad to know you're feeling so well. I also love reading your comments on Rechelle's blog. I think I'm becoming a Colin stalker! Stalker is next step after fan isn't it? ;)
It makes me smile when I see how much you love dyeing yarn. Happy to know you've found a creative outlet for yourself. Have you opened or thought about opening an Etsy shop?