Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have not knitted today. My thumbs are very painful, like bruised, from getting those damn pills out of the blister packs. Who’d have thought that would happen? Plus the scald i did to my hand yesterday is somewhat worse than I thought. My hand is a funny colour, looks like a birth mark on my hand now. If I place it in water it hurt like heel so I don’t. Even taking morphine didn’t enable me to knit.

I have dyed though! Four more hanks. I did a baby alpaca hank the most delicious green which I got by mixing three different colours. I really, really like this green. I did another two baby alpaca’s but hand painted in different colours and one BFL in a hand paint. Doing a one colour hank is more difficult, takes much longer.


Cheryl L. Branche said...

Sorry to hear about your hands.I hope that the areas heal. Thank you for your compliment about my pink socks.

Knitting-twitter said...

.. hope, your hand is better today.. have a great Sunday.. tata Christa