Sunday, February 14, 2010


By this morning my burned hand had become much more painful. The skin has peeled off my index finger and is red/white and bloody now. I have had to have special burn dressings on it and the person who did it was ever so thoughtful and made sure it was wrapped in such a way that I can still knit. I can. Now i have just to be sure I can do it myself when I need to change the dressing tomorrow. I am told it could take two weeks to heal! Bugger, I hope not. Note to self: remember rubber gloves when removing hot items from microwave. (This was a steam burn because as I was lifting it out, the film covering pinged off and the steam shot out onto my hand. At least i did not drop the bowl.)


I know get my drugs from Tesco because it is much easier. On the off chance I asked the pharmacist there (it was he who dealt with my hand) about having my drugs in bottles. ‘Sure,’ he says! What ?!

It seems Boots and Lloyds lied to me about it not being legal. They just can’t be arsed to do it.

You should feel my thumbs which are still very painful after taking all those pills out of their blister packs.

I will order my drugs well in advance so they have time to bottle them for me.


John and I went to listen to a talk and demonstration. I received a spirit communication and yet again I was given evidence that discarnate beings do indeed know precisely what is going in my life, how I feel about it, and what I am thinking, and the questions I have floating around my mind. Not only that, but the day to day stuff going on like the Tax situation. Once again my mother communicated, giving as evidence our troubled past. None of this was hints or guesswork, but blunt and to the point. Yet more evidence all leading to the same conclusion: Consciousness doesn’t die.


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