Saturday, February 06, 2010


It irks me that because I am clearly anti Fundamentalism, that people assume I am an atheist. Surely if people can be bothered to come here and read, they would choose to read what I write and not what they decide I have written.

Let me make this clear: I am anti religion.  Xtian, Jew, Muslim, Hinduism, Buddhism, all of them. At best it’s all completely bonkers, at worst it is the cause of extreme grief and suffering to billions of people now and in the past.

I have no truck with atheists either. I have much sympathy with their anti religious thinking but not with their equally strident and fundamentalist beliefs.

NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH. Did you see that? NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH. Or put another way, NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH. In any language one can think of: NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH.

Oohh, isn’t that scary? How can we live without certainty? We have to be certain, and kill many with our certainty, because without certainty we cannot live ourselves. The fact that our certainty ensures that others either die or live miserably…well…that can’t be helped can it? We are CERTAIN it isn’t our fault.

It is very tempting to suggest that if one believes that the World was made in 6 days, that we all descend from ONE woman and her TWO SONS (one dead one) and Co Habitee, that you are a MORON. I wouldn’t suggest such a think. I would suggest that your ability to to think has been damaged by fear and training.

Now the Big Bangers love to point out that to suggest there is a God only presents us with another problem: how did God get there? They say it is childish and stupid to suggest an outside source. Okay. I can see the logic in that.

There is one teeny tiny, almost too small to mention, problem with THEIR theory though: if there was nothing, and then there was the BIG BANG, what the f*ck was it that banged? What CAUSED nothing to bang? never mind the question of how nothing can bang in the first place. How exactly does nothing bang? If there wasn’t nothing, but something, than how did that something come to be there? And if that something was there, then who the f*ck put it there? Or what? HOW?

It seems to me that both ideas present the same problem.In fact, I just don’t see the difference. Apart form the obvious one: one is not threatened with being banged by the Big Bangers for not believing them.


I wish I did. Wanting the answers to life, the universe and everything is a royal pain. Oh I long to be thick as a door knocking w*anker and just have something to hang on to and walk around with a stoned smile on my face. Only in my weakest moments do I wish for this. Mostly, I thank who the f*ck are you? for the fact I don’t.

If it were not for the fact I know we do not die when we die, only appear to, I would have given up long ago to think about this. I have discovered that people think that just because one believes life continues after death, one must believe there is a God? WHY? Why must that be so? Cannot no one envisage that the survival of consciousness after death is just a part of LIFE, this amazingly weird thing we are experiencing?

Now knowing that we do, to the very best of my experience and trying to think otherwise, colours everything. It follows that what I know of science is that it is based upon the impossibility of the survival of consciousness after death. Scientists say this is impossible. You know that leaves me with a problem don’t you? Yes, that's right, for me Science is deeply flawed and the acceptance of the fact that we survive death, will turn their world upside down. Thus they don’t accept and ridicule instead.

The religious think only their kind survive death. WRONG.

So here I am. Now what? Carry on searching of course but not in fear now I have shed the yoke of religion and the wicked ideas.

Now you know,I am as weird as you expected. And you Fundies (religious and atheist) can take comfort in that because it gives you a really cool and simple reason to dismiss my rantings. Just bear this in mind:

I AM HAPPY TODAY. (Before when trapped in your ideas, I was worse than miserable.)

I can live very well with not knowing.



TracyKM said...

Awesome writing. Same things I think about. I just CANNOT believe in Adam and Eve as the parents of the entire world. It boggles me that people can believe it.
I totally believe in recycled consciousness and I wonder many times who I was before. Some things are so familiar to me in my life, and other days, I wonder how did I get here, LOL.

Little Dragon Designs said...

Purple Crystal arrived today. It's loverly.

As for religion, have you ever read Evolution, Creationism & Other Modern Myths? It's by Vine Deloria, a Native American. Very interesting thoughts.

Denise said...

Colin you are not the only one that thinks this way believe me. Thank you for putting into words the way I feel.

jessica tromp said...

Hello Knitman,

When my oldest son was 4 years old, he asked me, does God exists ?

We where standing in the garden, and I was overwhelmed by his question.

( I was raised religious, but even when I was a child, I thought it was not logic, so I left religion.
It is not the religion what is wrong, it is the people who wrongly interpreted the words. )

It was a beautiful summers day and the ants where very busy, on the patio.

So I asked my son; ‘do ants exist ?? ‘
He looked at me and said; ‘yes’.

‘Why’, I asked; he said; ‘because I can see them’.

Now the next question; ‘do the ants know you exist ?’
‘No’, he said; ‘perhaps they can see me, but they don’t know my name or know what I am’.

That was a good answer, so I told my son, if you ask me if God exist;,
We are the ants, and perhaps there is more, but we can not recognize or understand it.

And for the BIG BANG question; I have to admit, it is too much for my brains.
The universe, it has no end, it is big, but there are no borders and it is still growing.
So there is no outside of the universe and the inside is too big to imagine.

Now you want to know what was before ??

I can not even understand what it is now, so before or after, it is still a mystery for me.

Keep knitting, that is what I love the most too.
Kindly, jessica tromp

Wayne Goodling said...

For me, your comments about religion, a big bang and life after death were refreshing. They took me to new areas of thinking.

I thought to myself, "I wish he would write this in a book," then realized that putting this in book form -- edited, polished, &c. -- would take away from it's spark.

Thanks for how you write.