Saturday, February 07, 2009


The area around here is rural and very flat, though the picture below must show the only hill for miles!

I find these windmills quite majestic.


Nan said...

Those windmills certainly are fascinating. I was driving from California towards Arizona a few years back and came across an open area with dozens and dozens of them. It was an amazing sight.

FuguesStateKnits said...

I know you're on an island, but are you near the ocean where you live? It reminds me of the south shore of Long Island:)NY, USA.
Love the windmills - they are not only majestic, but truly the wave of the future. I actually saw an entire field of them just outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey here in the States.

knitwych said...

How pretty! We don't have any windmill farms in the immediate area, but I wish we did.

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the wind farm too, Colin, in fact I am in awe of a lot of "modern" infrastructure-i.e.the chimmneys at Ferrybridge etc-but as a birder I await anxiously to see if they have a detrimental effect on migrating birds-there was concern a while back that many geese were torn to shreds by the blades of the prototypes.
We have Europe's largest windfarm sited just across the Wash from where I live-there are about 40 of them just off Skegness. I suppose it is true that there is a positive and negative effect to all things.
Anyone who has heard the haunting cries of Pink-footed geeese passing overhead to roost nearby(my 18th c cottage is on a flight path!)can only wait and pray.
Lovely pics Colin x

DJ said...

I love looking at them, to me they are an artform of sorts. Thanks for the pic.
Hugs, DJ in SW MI, USA