Monday, February 09, 2009



I had yesterday off and I went to the pool this morning. Again, the bully wasn't there much to my relief and I was able to get on with my swim and not be stressed. One of the other lifeguards told me that the staff were planning to take me out for a drink if the said lifeguard was of permanently. It seems she is off on sick leave due to 'stress'.

I have mixed feelings. Relief that she is not around. Guilt just cos I am used to that. I feel sorry for her too. Yet I am also pleased to be able to attend the pool for my swim with my gut churning wondering if it will be her on duty. Feeling like that rather defeats the object.


I lay down on the floor in the living room and let the puppies have their way. They seem to think that noses and ears are for chewing on, and lips are for licking, trousers are for pulling, and failing that shoe laces will do. It was great fun laying there, speaking in baby talk to them and generally acting the fool and having a good time. Getting up was a spectacle itself and I was glad to not have it recorded on film.

This is the best litter I have had I think. I am keeping 2 boys and 2 girls. At least for now. I am very pleased with them. I do know which I prefer of the two boys and which of the two girls, but the two I don't prefer are too good to let go. In plainer English, one boy and one girl are one type and one boy and one girl are another type, but all four fit the standard very well. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I should be so lucky as to be in this position!


I have completed knitting another sweater and half sewn up half of it. It is 4ply (fingering - irk! I really hate that term) pure wool. I am going to knit another 'Edward' but without the stripe and with a ribbed collar. This will be for John. I have knitted just one repeat on the Aran sweater, and I have a piar of socks on the go, both socks knitted past the toes and 2o rounds into the foot.


The snow is still thick and the roads and pavements are still iced. More forecast for tonight but then it it set to thaw. I might then get the dog out for a walk.

I bought a pair of Nike Pro under thingies. Very thin thermals that I gather are worn by mountain climber sand skiers. I am thinking of returning them as they do not do what the packet suggests. I look nothing at all like the body on the packaging when I put them on. Still, they are comfortable and they help keep the cold at bay.


LizzieK8 said...

I know what you mean...I keep buying stuff from the Victoria's Secret catalog and never look like those angels....what's up with that????

Anonymous said...

Silk longjohns are the best. They make you feel posh and warm at the same time - real moral boosters.

Don't feel guilty about that lifeguard's leaving because of "stress". It's not your fault, and her behaviour towards you and others would indicate that she likely has emotional difficulties of her own.

How do your adult dogs like the snow? I'd love to see a picture or 2 of lhasas romping in the snow.

Wibbo said...

The last paragraph did make me laugh!

Yarnhog said...

False advertising. My fancy bras don't make me look like a D-cup, either.

knitwych said...

I agree w/Kris: Don't feel guilty about the lifeguard. If she's stressed, then she needs to figure out how to deal with that.

I can just imagine how much fun it was having the puppies frolicking all over you. Years ago, when I went to choose a Standard Poodle pup from a breeder, I got to play with a litter of eight. I chose the one who kept untying my shoes and then sitting down on my foot so his littermates couldn't play with the laces. He was a great dog.

How do your lhasas like the snow? We had a lhasa when I was a teen, and she loved to play it it, but she ended up with clumps attached to her fur. Not a lot of fun getting those out, but it was hilarious to watch her bouncing around in the snow.

Nan said...

Sounds like the bully's co-workers aren't too thrilled with her either. No need to wish her ill, you can just wish her happy, far, far away.

I used to be in an organization with a woman who was an absolute nightmare to be around. She took a vacation to Greece and we all noticed how much happier we were with her gone. After she came back, we took to wishing she would go to Greece. And that kind of stuck with me. I have even been known to wish my ex would get his wish of space exploration. Beats the internal turmoil of wishing them ill.