Sunday, February 15, 2009


Most of you are probably unaware of this young woman. She came to fame on one of the Big Brother series. Her fame increased when she was in a celebrity version of said show. She was accused (wrongly I feel) of racism. There was a Bollywood movie actress on with her and they got into an argument. Ms Goody called her Miss PopaDom. For this she was sacked, vilified in the press, and became Enemy No 1.

This was really all about class snobbery. Ms Goody came from a very humble background. What Americans would call 'white trash'. (No one pointed out how utterly condescending Ms Shilpa Shetty had been to ms Goody on the show. Nor the fact that Ms Goody had been referred to as White Trash)

During this, I was disgusted to witness a serious discussion with a panel of well respected journalists who ripped Ms Goody apart. They called her ugly, common, thick. They were appalling. One of them was Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and I was shocked and disgusted by her. I had up until then had great respect for her and her championing of the downtrodden and her anti racist stance. Yet she not only did not stop this offensive tirade against Ms Goody but was part of it.

Ms Jade Goody is 27 years old and has two children. She has just a couple of months left to live. She has terminal cancer. No, it it is not a publicity stunt. This is real. Facebook is playing host to some vile and vicious people who are actively wishing her death to be long and painful. They have even formed their own groups to cheer her suffering on.

This type of thing makes me want to abandon my own principles and do some damage. Instead, I try to become more aware of the light.


WereGrouch said...

For the earlier post: the Almighty She strikes me as a circular-type personality!
For Ms. Goody: my thoughts go out to her. I hadn't heard about the issue before your post, but it is similar to what happens here. Anyone can insult caucasians, but a caucasian can never insult another race.
For you: come visit Pittsburgh! I went tho the Knit Festival yesterday. There were no parking spaces anywhere, people parking along the street, parking several blocks away and walking, etc. When I reached the location,there were 8 handicap bays sitting empty, right next to the front door. It made me think of you. And there was beautiful sock yarn inside.

Anonymous said...

"All it takes for evil to flourish is good men to stand by and do nothing"

For "good men" read those who are afraid of speaking in case they are judged as racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-this, anti-that etc. etc. etc.
Those that spread evil are "exercising their rights"

We are living in sick times indeed!

Anonymous said...

Those people on Facebook disgust me. A young woman is suffering terribly, both physically and mentally - she knows her death is imminent and that she must leave her children. How can anyone celebrate, that and wish her further suffering?