Thursday, February 12, 2009


REMINDER: fasting blood test Thursday 26th February at 9am.

I wrote a detailed email to the dental practice explaining as politely as I could why their attitude of non care to their disabled clients is not good business. I explained how humiliating it was to have one's needs ignored and one having to beg to have those needs met, and being met with refusal. (I am afraid here in the UK this is common practice.)I also pointed out that to take on benefit receiving NHS patients and then refer them to a fee paying service just heaps humiliation upon them. I am fortunate in that I have other means by which to pay.

I got a letter back which stated that 'we are sorry practice policy doesn't suit you and we hope you see fit to make an appointment with us.'

In other words-we don't give a shit. Like it or lump it.

I had to go to the supermarket even though it is a blizzard outside. More snow. I have gone off snow. I got there just in time to take the last disabled bay, which I was reversing into when an able bodied couple whizzed in and prevented me. Oh, and yes they did see me, my badge and my sticks when I got out my car, which I left where it was. Not in a bay, but also not obstructing anyone.

I realised recently why I have a thing for snow. It reminds me of happy times in Germany when I was small and sledging down Killer Bottom Hill near our home. It was so named cos the way down was fast and bumpy. I used to love it and was very welcome relief form otherwise dark times. This last two weeks has rather done away with that fantasy. Snow may look lovely, and it certainly does, and it makes me feel wistful I think is the word, but it is completely impractical. For everyone not just those of us who have mobility problems. I wanted to go the Spiritualist meeting tonight as apart form the pool, I have seen no one this week. Not to be. I can't go in this snow. Too far and too dodgy on the roads.

The dogs haven't even
been for a short walk. They don't spend much time outside either. I tried to pick up their poo today now that the snow melted, but it was frozen so I couldn't shift it. Now it is covered up again anyway!

I am formulating in my mind how to write a blog post explaining clearly the mind control techniques used by fundametalists and other abusers which makes it so difficult to see the abuse and so difficult to escape it. It will go some way I think to explaining to those who are outside of this - ie not religious survivors or childhood abuse survivors (they interlap). I can see why those outside cannot see how anyone can think the way fundies do or how abuse victims think. I will explain just how the mind control, or brainwashing, works and why it is used. I will also explain why so many fundies home school and why so many so called faith schools exist. It all faciltiates the brainwashing goals and they have nothing to do with love or wanting the best for the children.

Yesterday there was a news item and it kept referring to Muslim children, and Xtian children and Jewish children. There are no such children! There are only children who are controlled by people who think a particular way. The children themselves are merely their victims.

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Jane said...

Where I grew up there were tons of snow every winter. We called our long, fast, bumpy sledding hill "Gut Smasher". So much fun. If you weren't careful you could end up against a tree or in the creek at the bottom.